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A system and method for integrating an on-line service community with a foreign service such as the Internet World Wide Web. To take advantage of the present invention, on-line service subscribers access a membership module to complete a membership process in which they join communities each of whic ...

John C Wolff: Ectrudable cement core thermoplastic composite. Crane Plastics Company Partnership, Standley & Gilchrest, March 19, 2002: US06358585 (45 worldwide citation)

A panel for use in siding is disclosed. The panel has a cement core in a shape defining the panel of the siding, and a plastic film layer attached to the cement core. The plastic film layer is either a polymer or a copolymer of vinyl chloride. The panel may also have an adhesive layer which adheres ...

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A cellulose/polyolefin pellet comprising polyolefin material and cellulosic material. The pellet may be concentrated such that it contains less than about 20% by weight of the polyolefin material and at least about 55% by weight of the cellulosic material. The pellet may be shipped to a remote manuf ...

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An extruded wood simulative material is described which includes a high degree of cellulosic material content and begins with powdered thermoplastic material.

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A method and system for removing contaminants for the phreatic zone, also known as the saturation zone, or groundwater. The technique involves gas sparging and oxidation while increasing the surface area for mass transfer by the placing of packing balls into the eductor tube. The system is comprised ...

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A system which provides real-time code coverage data on a memory monitored by the system, the code coverage data providing information regarding accesses to the monitored memory, the monitored memory being connected to address lines and data lines, the system comprising: a code coverage memory, the ...

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A filter for removing particulate matter from water flowing into an inlet, such as a catch basin is disclosed. The filter may comprise an envelope of filter material adapted to receive an inlet cover device, such as a catch basin grate. The inlet device may be inserted within the envelope and placed ...

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The present invention is a system and method for performing interactive EDI transactions across an Internet/Web based communications platform. The Web-based system and method of the present invention facilitates the communication of data between organizations that use EDI standards. A script for pro ...

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The present invention relates generally to an improved laser welded work piece, such as an automotive body panel, and a system and method for the manufacture thereof. The invention is also directed to an improved system for manufacturing the welded work piece including an improved laser welder and a ...

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The present invention includes capacitive film thickness measurement devices and measurement systems. The invention also includes machines or instruments using those aspects of the invention. The present invention additionally includes methods and procedures using those devices of the present invent ...