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An electrical lead suitable for use in ignition systems for internal combustion engines including an electrical conductor fully surrounded by insulation with an exposed conductor portion extending from the insulation at one end of the lead; and an electrically conductive termination cap fastened at ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for handling compressible batts of glass fiber insulation. The batts are sequentially removed from a conveyor line and stacked on one another at a loading or stacking station to a predetermined number or height. The stack of batts is moved away from the point of s ...

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A multi-piece glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub and wall enclosure. The pieces being made to conform to manufacturing requirements of matched-metal die compression molding equipment. The pieces having special joint details so they interlock and overlap to form a rigid and watertight integral un ...

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A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in an apparatus for impregnating a glass fiber strand. Particulate impregnant material is provided in a gaseous suspension. The particles of impregnant material are electrically charged with charges having a first polarity. The individual glass ...

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The concepts of this invention reside in the coating of individual glass fibers, in connection with the glass fiber-forming operation, with an elastomeric compatible composition having a curable elastomeric material, followed by at least partial cure of the elastomeric material before the bundle for ...

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This invention is addressed to an improved size composition for use in the treatment of glass fibers in the manufacture of glass fiber textiles, glass fiber reinforced plastics and glass fiber reinforced elastomeric products wherein the size is formulated to contain, as the essential components, a w ...

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The disclosed conductor includes a core, having a plurality of conductive glass fibers, an overwrap of non-conductive glass strands wound under tension around the core and a semiconductive overcoat, preferably of poly tetrafluoroethylene and a suspension of fine conductive powders, preferably graphi ...

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Method and apparatus for heat drying a continuous strand material by the expedient of exposing a moving array of individual strand material to blasts or jets of the heating medium as enhances accomplishment of the drying while simultaneously supporting said strand material.

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An improved furnace for electrically heating material such as molten glass. At least one and, preferably, a plurality of controlled thermal zones are established transverse to the direction of glass flow through the furnace. For each thermal zone, at least two electrical circuits supply power to at ...

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A shippable container of corrugated board for handling and dispensing flowable material. The container includes a closure arrangement for its bottom comprising a pair of opposing flaps turned inwardly in their closed positions. The flaps are dimensioned such that their opposing inner margins are spa ...