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A method and apparatus for fast interference signaling is provided. The method may include configuring, by an evolved node B (eNB), at least one user equipment to indicate to the eNB when an activity state of at least one interferer changes. Based on the indicated activity state, the eNB can schedul ...

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Medical devices and methods of fabricating such medical devices, such as stents, formed at least in part from a metal matrix composite including bioceramic particles dispersed within an erodible metal are disclosed.

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A control system for an internal combustion engine, which is capable of directly and properly calculating the most fuel-efficient torque according to operating conditions of the engine without setting or learning in advance operating lines indicative of the most fuel-efficient torques, thereby makin ...


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The present invention relates to implantable medical devices coated with polymer having tunable hydrophobicity and their use in the treatment of vascular diseases.

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Methods and devices relating to polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical devices, such as stents are disclosed. A suspension solution is formed including a fluid, a biodegradable polymer, and bioceramic particles. The biodegradable polymer and particles are precipitated from the suspension t ...

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An improved bolt and bolt carrier with integral gas key having an extension nozzle threadedly secured and pinned to the gas key for use with a direct gas operated firearm is provided. The extension nozzle is designed to receive a portion of the host firearms gas operating system. The firing pin reta ...

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A method is disclosed that includes selecting one or more terminals involved in a device-to-device communication to which interference caused by a transmission to one or more other terminals should be suppressed, and choosing a number of degrees of freedom from a predetermined number of degrees of f ...

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The invention is directed to systems and methods for detecting the loss, theft or unauthorized use of a device and/or altering the functionality of the device in response. In one embodiment, a device monitors its use, its local environment, and/or its operating context to determine that the device i ...

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Segmented scaffolds composed of disconnected scaffold segments with overlapping end rings are disclosed. Scaffolds with at least one discontinuous link are also disclosed.