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An immunoglobulin is provided which consists essentially of a mono-specific, hetero-molecular antibody which is mono-specific to a single antigenic or allergenic determinant. The antibody is specific to the H-epitope of a protein antigen or allergen. The H-epitope is defined by a sequence of at leas ...

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A method and system for protecting a vehicle comprises detecting the actuation of the ignition and producing a first signal when actuated, sensing opening and closing of at least one door and for producing a second signal when the passenger door is open, energizing a camera and a recorder in the veh ...

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The present invention relates to a new zeolite material having a composition (molar ratios of the oxides) corresponding to the formula:

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A communication system includes a base station, called a "Controller" and one or more remote or satellite stations, each called a "Communicator". The controller arbitrates, controls and communicates with the communicators which are in range to receive its transmissions. The communicators receiving a ...

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The invention relates to dispersions of polythiophenes made up of structural units corresponding to the following formula ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 independently of one another represent hydrogen or a C.sub.1-4 alkyl group or, together, form an optionally substituted C.sub.1-4 alkylene g ...

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A blood lancet device for taking blood for diagnostic purposes, having a housing with an exit opening for the lancet, a lancet guide for guiding the puncturing and return movement of the lancet, a spring drive for movement of the lancet and a stop by means of which the lancet is held in a position r ...


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A heart valve prosthesis with a valve housing in the form of a ring and a curved valve which is mounted within the housing and which is hinged to the valve ring by means of a flat flexible small lug which, if appropriate, is drawn in one region through a slot in the valve ring, is characterized in t ...

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Ketals, preferably glycerol ketals such as, for example, 1-menthone glycerol ketal or 3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexanone glycerol ketal, have a physiological cooling effect and are therefore suitable as active compounds in compositions which are intended to cause a sensation of freshness on human skin or ...

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A method of telephone billing comprise providing a toll-free number to a customer to access a provider in a toll-free call from an originating customer telephone number, receiving the originating customer telephone number in response to the toll-free call, converting the toll-free call to a billable ...