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A method and a surgical stapling instrument for the stapling together of the free ends of two hollow organs. The instrument comprises an elongated tubular body, a base unit concentrically connected to the body and a head unit mounted to the body and concentric therewith for relative movement with re ...

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In a process for the determination of substrates or enzyme activities in a test batch, utilizing a conventional redox reaction as a measurement reaction, the improvement comprising carrying out the process in the presence of ascorbate oxidase; the addition of ascorbate oxidase substantially eliminat ...

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Self-gripping devices having a base with a plurality of the gripping element attached are disclosed. The gripping elements are capable of releasably self-gripping fibrous materials without damaging same include a stiffly rigid stem with at least one flexible self-gripping means attached thereto. The ...

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A device for heating blood for transfusion is disclosed which has two vertically disposed opposed electrical heating plates which engage the opposite faces of a flat bag of flexible plastic material delimitating a fluid path therethrough which has a width progressively increasing from a lower inlet ...

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A process for coupling biological substances by covalent bonds that involves the use of benzoquinone as cross-linking agent in large excess compared with the substance to be activated. The activation reaction is realized in a homogeneous liquid medium. The process makes it possible, for example, to ...

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A process for producing collagen sponge which is insoluble but highly swellable in water, the sponge having a velour-like surface and being particularly suited for medical and cosmetic applications.

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A stereoscopic video system includes the generation or simulation of two different monoscopic video images corresponding to the different views by a human's eyes of an original object and two display units for separately displaying the two monoscopic images. The two monoscopic images are flexibly co ...

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A semiconductor magnetoresistive element with at least one intermediate terminal comprises first and second electrodes formed at opposite ends of a magnetosensitive portion of the semiconductor magnetoresistive element, a third electrode interposed between the first and second electrodes, and a plur ...

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A composite module having a rigid foam core encapsulated in a shell of reinforced cementitious material. The shell is reinforced with at least two types of material, the first being a fiber reinforcing material distributed in an interconnected random matrix substantially throughout the shell and the ...