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An altered antibody is produced by replacing the complementarity determining regions (CDRs) of a variable region of an immunoglobulin (Ig) with the CDRs from an Ig of different specificity, using recombinant DNA techniques. The gene coding sequences for producing the altered antibody may be produced ...

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A video slot machine includes a display screen on which the wheels of a slot machine are simulated. The display screen is divided into an array of cells with each cell displaying an individual game element selected randomly from a group of available game elements during a game play. Pay-out lines ar ...

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An intervertebral implant consisting of a disc-shaped spacer made of rigid material and insertable between opposed and adjacent vertebrae in which the opposing sides (1, 2) of the implant bordering the vertebrae are circular discs and have a central raised dome (3 or 4) and roof-shaped projections t ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for optimally allocating available resources in a physical system defined by a mathematical model having parameters of uncertain values. The method comprises the steps of firstly assigning a value to each of the uncertain parameters in the mathematical model based ...

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A coin-operated music playing machine or jukebox includes a coin unit, a viewing screen, an input keyboard, and at least one loudspeaker. The jukebox is connected to a central music store via a remote data transmission line, preferably an ISDN line. The jukebox has digital/analog converters and ampl ...

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A hand-held dual reading head including a hand-held housing having a light transmissive window at one end thereof; and containing an actuatable bar-code reader, which produces a light beam which exits the housing via the window and detects light from the beam reflected from a bar code tag to generat ...

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A film covering for protecting a surgical instrument such as an endoscope from contamination, includes a tubular film having an inlet opening and an outlet opening disposed opposite to the inlet opening. The outlet opening is formed by an elastic membrane with an aperture, an outer edge of the elast ...

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The present invention relates to a program controlled entertainment and game device which includes a housing, a display unit connected with the housing and preferably provided within the housing, operating elements associated with the housing, and a playback unit associated with the housing for a CD ...

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A radiotelephone device has a telephone handset-shaped housing for hand-held operation. The device includes electroacoustic transducers mounted at sound apertures in the housing, a keypad mounted between the apertures, and electronic circuitry. Video communication is accomplished by a video camera m ...

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The invention is a machine based alignment system for imaging with a contrasting marker (fiducial marker) attached to a support means for providing a set of markings which uniquely identify each cross-section of an imaged object in relation to other registered images.