Roberto De Paschoal: Electric vehicles. Smiths IP, September 4, 2012: US08256553 (51 worldwide citation)

An electric vehicle includes a chassis and a compartment defined by the chassis. A power container houses at least one energy storage/generating device for powering the electric vehicle. The power container is insertable into and removable from the compartment through the left side and the right sid ...

Hullfish Keith C, Carey Charles A, Longe Michael R, Parr Joe: Reacheminement de messages electroniques, Electronic message forwarding. America Online, America Online, Smiths Ip, December 22, 2009: CA2547240 (35 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method of transmitting electronic messages in a computer environment. The preferred embodiment receives an electronic message addressed to a telephone number and determines an instant message identifier associated with the telephone number. In response to the determination t ...

BERNARD Bruce: Système déclairement solaire à mode de fonctionnement variable, Variable operating mode solar lighting system. Carmanah Technologies, BERNARD Bruce, Smiths Ip, January 19, 2012: WO/2012/006710 (31 worldwide citation)

A solar lighting system includes a record of a plurality of lighting profiles. The particular profile that governs the operation of the lights of the system at any given time is selected by each lighting element according to its determination of the time of year or season. The invention allows the m ...


Jose Antonio Rodriguez Rivera, Kelly Anthony O Flynn: Catalytic reactor process for the production of commercial grade pulp, native lignin and unicellular protein. Paul Smith, Smiths IP, July 8, 2008: US07396434 (14 worldwide citation)

A continuous and batch system to produce cellulose, native lignin and unicellular protein from any form of vegetation in a closed process. The biomass is mixed in the impregnate solution of nitric acid and/or ammonium hydroxide and water. After a period of time at room temperature and atmospheric pr ...

Ben Silverman, Joel Richard Grenz, Darren Shane: Suspendible exercise straps. Astone Fitness, Smiths IP, June 12, 2012: US08197392 (11 worldwide citation)

An exercise strap comprises an upper strap and a lower strap. A plurality of loop members are located on the lower strap to allow for handles to be easily removed and replaced on different locations on the lower strap. An adjustment member attached to both the upper strap and the lower strap allows ...


Bourquin Sean, Hortsing Damien, Johnston Brock: Intelligent area lighting system. Carmanah Technologies, Bourquin Sean, Hortsing Damien, Johnston Brock, SMITHS IP, January 8, 2009: WO/2009/003279 (8 worldwide citation)

An area lighting system is composed of a plurality of lighting elements that are responsive to the movement and progression of a user through the area. Each lighting element comprises at least one light, means for powering the lighting element, a processor, communication means and is associated with ...

Mark Christopher Philbrook: Collapsible crustacean trap. Smiths IP, Lawrence Chan, November 3, 2009: US07610716 (5 worldwide citation)

An improved crustacean, fish & animal trap comprising a collapsible hoop and mesh structure to minimize storage size. The invention is unique in that it collapses through the manipulation of flexible hoops to a size minimized in all three dimensions. The primary configurations would be for crab, pra ...

Jianzhong Zhu, Simon Walker: Ground spike. Peak Innovations, Smiths IP, December 4, 2012: US08322678 (5 worldwide citation)

A metal post support ground spike is disclosed having a post receiving socket, and a flat plate. The flat plate is welded to four walls of the post receiving socket. The post support may also comprise a blades portion welded to the flat plate. The blades portion, post receiving socket and flat plate ...

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