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A liquid crystal image forming projector includes a liquid crystal display (314) selectively operable for affecting light incident thereon (325) and an optical device (321, 322) for selectively projecting light affected or not affected by the liquid crystal display (Fig. 12). The liquid crystal disp ...

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Liquid crystal temperature indicating compositions, preferably absent cholesteric liquid crystal material, and the containing of such compositions in volumes formed in a containment medium (29) that tends to distort the liquid crystal structure (36) when the temperature thereof is below a transition ...

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An electrical interconnect system (10) employs electrical connectors (11) in which both the housing (or support) (12) and the contact(s) (13) thereof are hermaphroditic, i.e., without gender limitations. Therefore, two such connectors may interconnect with each other. Contacts are arranged in a head ...

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Computerized apparatus for electrolytic processing of materials, includes an electrolytic processing bath (12), plural first electrodes (13a - 13f), at least one second electrode (14), and a computerized power supply (20) for supplying time multiplexed power to the electrodes. The power supply may i ...

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An automated screening system and method for cytological specimen classification in which a neural network (15) is utilized in performance of the classification function. Also included is an automated microscope (11) and associated image processing circuitry (13, 14).

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Digital and audio record/play apparatus includes a recording means (72, 92) for simultaneously recording in a medium both digital information (91) and audio information (71) and play means for simultaneously playing from said medium both such digital information and such audio information. A method ...

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A method of classifying objects in a specimen includes the steps of obtaining a first digital representation of at least part of the cytological specimen, storing the first digital representation, performing a first filtering operation to filter out images in the first representation that are the ap ...

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An electrical contact (1) of the fork type has substantially parallel and coplanar tines (4, 5) and in the contacting or wiping area (17, 16) of each tine inlay material (14, 15) improves electrical connection thereof with a member inserted to engagement therewith. The noted inlay material, such as ...

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Observable changes in the electrical and optical characteristics of individual molecules (40) adsorbed on a conductor (41) or semi-conductor (50) caused by the electrical (4) and/or optical excitation (5) or de-excitation of electrons within such molecules can be used as signals which in turn can be ...

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An integral alcohol preparation device (10) or like type of fluid applying device includes an absorbent material or pad (11) for containing alcohol or other fluid, a fluid impermeable material, for example of metal foil (20) lined with plastic (21), as a selectively openable fluid tight chamber for ...