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An implantable container is used to stabilize or restore height in a vertebral body. After insertion the container is filled with a bone filler material such as bone cement.

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A signal transmission apparatus, a transmission method and a computer storage medium thereof are provided. The signal transmission apparatus may generate reference signals which are antipodal to each other and transmit the reference signals by subcarriers which are adjacent to each other. Thereby, t ...

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The present invention is a system for a partially biological disc replacement that stimulates natural fibrous, cartilaginous or other tissue growth in the DDD cavity, resulting in a partial biological disc replacement. Multiplicities of fibronous pieces of fibro-cartilaginous tissue promoting materi ...

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The package generally includes at least first and second panel portions operably connected to define an interior cavity therebetween. The first panel portion can include a fluid chamber operably disposed along a portion of the first panel portion such that a portion of the fluid chamber is adapted t ...

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An apparatus and/or method that corrects for tuning errors in vibrating structure gyroscopes that are configured to be driven along a plurality of axes without the need for dedicated torque elements. The correction is accomplished by introducing a phase offset in the drive signal of one or more of t ...

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An arrow, arrowhead and method of shooting an arrowhead are disclosed. In one example embodiment, a plurality of blades extend outwardly from the body of an arrowhead and a sharpened tip extends forwardly. A front laser diode is disposed in the arrowhead and is arranged so that a laser beam emitted ...

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A package having a gusseted panel portion is depicted and described. The package generally includes opposing panel portions that at least partially define an interior cavity or compartment therebetween that is accessible through an access device. The gusseted panel portion provides a material impact ...

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A light guiding structure includes a light transmissive body and microstructures; the light transmissive body includes an upper conical groove and a lower accommodating groove, and the upper conical groove has a curved surface with a continually varied slope; the microstructures are disposed on the ...

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A lighting device, a light spreading plate for the lighting device and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The lighting device comprises a light source plate and the light spreading plate. The light source plate comprises a plurality of light sources. The light spreading plate comprise ...

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The present disclosure is directed to enclosed antenna systems for receiving multiple different broadcast types. In one aspect of the disclosure, the enclosed antenna system comprises an enclosure including a satellite television antenna assembly, an off-air television antenna assembly and control e ...