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Programmable apparatus for digital processing of video signals from multiple sources converted to digital format to provide real-time multiple simultaneous special video effects and suitable for direct interface to a conventional microcomputer bus such as an Apple Macintosh II NuBus. The apparatus i ...

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This invention describes a method for transmitting and forwarding packets over a switching network using time information. The network switches maintain a common time reference, which is obtained either from an external source (such as GPS—Global Positioning System) or is generated and distributed i ...

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The invention describes a method for transmitting and forwarding packets over a packet switching network wherein the delay between two switches increases, decreases, or changes arbitrarily over time. Packets are being forwarded over each link inside the network in predefined periodic time intervals. ...

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A musical workstation system produces a display presentation in one of a musical composition responsive to musical composition data and responsive to one or both of input variables and a selected operating mode. The system is comprised of (1) means to provide the musical composition data (such as lo ...

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An electronic image visualization system, such as a music stand system and display, management and communications methodologies relating thereto are presented. The electronic music stand system is comprised of a performer subsystem comprising a processing subsystem, librarian logic, performance logi ...

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A system for serial communications is disclosed comprising an encoder for serially outputting conservative encoded codewords responsive to a parallel data input, and a decoder for outputting, in parallel, decoded data words responsive to the serially transmitted conservative encoded codewords.

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An amusement park entertainment system that integrates an image of a patron into an audiovisual presentation. The patron enters a room where the lighting, sound, and scenery can be controlled. A standardized input sequence is obtained by computer automated/assisted process where user images (video c ...

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This invention relates generally to a method and apparatus for timely forwarding, discarding, and delivering data packets over the network and to their destination nodes and the optimization of data transfer throughput through the network. The timely forwarding and discarding are possible thanks to ...

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