Wilfred Andre Maria Snijders, Nicolaas Alphonsus Maria Verhoeckx, Petrus Josephus VAN Gerwen, Hendrik Arie VAN Essen: Modulation and filtering device. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, January 11, 1977: US04003002 (146 worldwide citation)

A digital data transmitter is described, whose line carrier frequency need not be an integral multiple of one half the clock frequency of the digital input signal. Use is made of a digital filter for increasing the sampling frequency to a value which is twice the modulator carrier wave frequency.

Bernhard Hill, Rudiger Pepperl, Johann Kruger: Optical storage disk system with disk track guide sectors. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, June 6, 1978: US04094013 (92 worldwide citation)

A storage disk comprising at least one data track which is composed of spiral-shaped turns or concentrical turns, the data being arranged in the form of data blocks on the turns so that between the data blocks alternately a guide segment or a blank segment is present. The lengths of the unit, measur ...

Rudiger Pepperl, Johann Kruger, Bernhard Hill: Optical multi-channel digital disc storage system. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, June 6, 1978: US04094010 (81 worldwide citation)

An optical storage system for the simultaneous or random storage of digital information in a plurality of channels, comprising a rotating storage disc which is scanned by a light beam. The digital information of each channel is stored in points along a spiral track comprising interruptions. A concen ...

Charles Balas Jr, David Y K Lou, George C Kenney II: Radiation-sensitive record with protected sensitive surface. North American Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, February 14, 1978: US04074282 (72 worldwide citation)

A record structure for recording with a radiation beam uses a transparent disc or drum, a coaxial backing disc or drum and two coaxial resilient ring-shaped seals to provide an enclosure between the discs or drums. Radiation-sensitive recording material on the side of the disc or drum within the enc ...

Peter Johannes Michiel Janssen: Apparatus for reading a disc-shaped record carrier with plural scanning spots for stable radial tracking. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, July 19, 1977: US04037252 (62 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for reading a disc-shaped record carrier on which information is stored in a preferably spiral-shaped track. Said information is read optically with the aid of a radiation beam, which via a directing system transfers the information contained in the scanning point of the record carrier ...

Jacques Claude Thillays: Opto-electronic photocoupling device and method of manufacturing same. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, August 24, 1976: US03976877 (55 worldwide citation)

An opto-electronic photocoupling device in which the light emitter and receiver are coupled optically by a light conductor, and the conductor is constituted by a drop of a first transparent resin embedded in a second resin which is also transparent, the index of refraction of the first resin being h ...

Gerard Eduard VAN Rosmalen: Tracking mirror device for a video disc player. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, December 13, 1977: US04063287 (53 worldwide citation)

A tracking mirror device, in particular for a video disc player, in which for following an information track on a video disc with a beam of radiation, use is made of a mirror which oscillates at a high frequency, which causes the beam of radiation, which serves for scanning the information track, to ...

Gijsbertus Bouwhuis: Apparatus for playing a transparent optically encoded multilayer information carrying disc. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, December 21, 1976: US03999009 (48 worldwide citation)

A disc-shaped information carrier is described which contains spirally arranged image and/or sound signals coded in optical form. By recording the information in at least two spiral information tracks which may be separately read the total amount of utilizable information may be increased by a facto ...

Edmond de Niet, Albert M A Rijckaert: Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for a magnetic record carrier in the form of a tape, provided with a control system for the magnetic head position. U S Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, William J Streeter, Simon L Cohen, November 27, 1979: US04176381 (48 worldwide citation)

A recording and/or reproducing apparatus for a record carrier in the form of a tape, with a plurality of parallel longitudinal tracks. The apparatus comprises positioning means for controlling the position of the write/read head transverse to the direction of movement of the record carrier. The cont ...

Johannes Antonius Maria Mes: Information carrier having addressed information tracks. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, January 6, 1976: US03931457 (47 worldwide citation)

A video record for recording optically readable information is provided with a characteristic information code for quick searching of desired information. The information code is preferably provided within the information video lines which preceed the video information in every video signal. The rec ...

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