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The mouse of the computer is equipped with a reader of an access code located in one or a set of chipcards for users. The reader is connected to an antenna equipping the mouse so that the user has only to present his card to the mouse inside the influence zone of the antenna for obtaining that the a ...

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Method and device for detecting the presence or the absence of conductive indicia carried by a supporting substrate which together comprise a security document, for the purpose of ascertaining the genuineness, value or other selected characteristic represented by said indicia. The indicia material i ...

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Anastomotic coupling means capable of both end-to-end and end-to-side anastomosis without resorting to suturing. A pair of coupling disc members cooperate to couple the vessels, one of the members having spaced apart hook members and the other member having receptor cavities aligned with said hook m ...

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A display carton formed from a foldable, integral paperboard blank having top, front, bottom and rear walls joined together, each of said walls including a pair of side flaps hingedly connected to opposite ends thereof to form a display carton. The front and rear walls include a tear strip extending ...

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Uniform particles are produced by introducing a laminar stream of a core liquid into a laminar flowing body of an immiscible sheath liquid. The core liquid or the sheath liquid, or both liquids, can contain one or more materials dispersed (dissolved or suspended) in them from which the uniform parti ...

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The invention relates to a method of securing simple codes (5), which are built-up of a plurality of lines, symbols or patterns, which are readable by a machine, and which codes (5) are intended to be located on documents (2), valuable documents or marked units.

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LCD screen illumination is provided by a neon tube formed to fit closely adjacent the screen. A tube formed to fit around the periphery of the screen shielded from the viewer's eyes can be utilized to front light the screen. A serpentine shaped tube can be placed adjacent the back of the screen to b ...

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System and program for measuring progressively the absorbance changes of a large number of aliquots from a plurality of different samples in a continuous processing mode. A plurality of routine samples are maintained in an ordered sequence in a sample tray which may be moved to a first sample pick u ...

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The certain quantity of light energy sufficient to effect lifelessness in each of a particular type of hairs, such as is found in a face, arm or back, is provided to the tip of a hand held probe each time a switch is closed, independent of the duration of the switch closure. This relieves the electr ...

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A method of primarily testing and performance controlling heat pumps, refrigerating installations or corresponding systems, at which system thermal energy from at least one heat source (K) is supplied to an energy-carrying medium (1), a refrigerant, which circulates in the system and is advanced the ...