Jin Duijiong, Ju Benling: Method of reducing noise of chest-shaped pickles refrigerator caused by refrigerant. Lejin Electronic Appliance, shou ning zhang huahui, November 5, 2003: CN02117167 (7 worldwide citation)

The method of reducing noise includes following three steps: sensing the operation of one of two side compartments according to the control program; sensing the stop of the compressor during the operation of the side compartment; and in the case of stopped compressor, controlling the refrigerant con ...


Zhuang Shengxiong: Combined mouse and keyboard device. Zhuang Shengxiong, shou ning zhang huahui, June 2, 2004: CN02146500 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a combined type mouse and keyboard apparatus, which comprises arrow keys and a mouse having two axis incline grade sensory element and vector categorization units, wherein the ten arrow keys are averagely arranged on the two keyboard members, on one of which a mouse is arrang ...

Gao Shuohao: Use time number display unit and method for washer. LG Electronics, shou ning zhang huahui, November 24, 2004: CN03123659 (1 worldwide citation)

The use time number display unit for washer consists of operating part to measure the use time number; control part to classify the measured use number; keyboard input part with keyboards; and display part to display the use time number by means of the command via the keyboard input part. The displa ...

Huang Qixiang, Ye Shanghong: Liquid crystal display device and frame thereof. AU Optronics, shou ning zhang huahui, February 9, 2011: CN200910160848 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a liquid crystal display device which comprises a backlight module, a liquid crystal display panel and a frame, wherein the frame comprises a side wall and an extension part; the backlight module is surrounded by the side wall; the extension part extends inward from the side ...



Chen Hsien Wei: Bond pad structure for integrated circuit chip. Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg, shou ning zhang huahui, August 23, 2006: CN200510114520

An integrated circuit chip is provided, which includes a bond pad structure. The bond pad structure includes a bond pad, a first metal plate, and a second metal plate. The first metal plate is located under the bond pad. The first metal plate has a first outer profile area. The second metal plate is ...

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An apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprises a planarization mechanism section which pressurizes a top of a bump that is provided onto at least one of a substrate and a semiconductor chip and makes the top of the bump flat, and a bonding mechanism section which bonds the substrate ...