Loubert Suddaby: Vertebral body end plate cutter. Shoemaker and Mattare, January 11, 2005: US06840944 (95 worldwide citation)

Precision recesses are cut in the end plates of vertebral bodies by inserting into the disc space a cutter having a pair of shell elements provided with cutting edges shaped to match bone growth apertures in a selected prosthesis. The remainder of the end plates are left undisrupted, to maximize bea ...

Kenneth Raines: Multiple additive valve assembly. Burron Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, January 27, 1981: US04246932 (92 worldwide citation)

A multiple valve assembly for use in the medical field includes a pair of flexible valve discs which are essentially co-planar with each other. A pair of tube connectors are oriented to be at an essentially right angle with respect to each other, and fluid communication between the interior of a hol ...

Dennis T Gilham: Franking system. Alcatel Business Systems, Shoemaker and Mattare, June 19, 1990: US04934846 (90 worldwide citation)

A method of franking mail items is disclosed in which the franking impression includes a machine readable portion and a visually readable portion. The machine readable portion comprises a data block including at least a postage charge and a pseudo-random number and the data block is encrypted prior ...

Kenneth C Raines: Aspiration assembly having dual co-axial check valves. Burron Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, March 8, 1988: US04729401 (90 worldwide citation)

An aspiration assembly having dual co-axial check valves for pumping medical fluids with a hypodermic syringe, the assembly having a main body with two passageways in offset relationship to each other, with the passageways coming together at a large central cavity within the main body, a central sup ...

Philip R Zimmermann: Method and apparatus for resource allocation in a communication network system. Timothy D Schoechle, Shoemaker and Mattare, November 28, 1995: US05471190 (88 worldwide citation)

A control communication network system adapted for distributed control and communication between various home electrical appliances in a manner that eliminates the need for a central controller and eliminates or greatly simplifies the manual assignment of addresses, control relationships or other ne ...

David A Gawler, Stephen C Barratt: Electromechanical drives for franking machines. Roneo Alcatel, Shoemaker and Mattare, April 5, 1988: US04735138 (88 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical drive for a franking machine comprises a module in which an electic motor controlled by an electronic circuit formed on a printed circuit board is manufactured as a modular unit by mounting the motor, mechanical drive components and a position sensor on the substrate of the prin ...

Daniel C Goff: Adjustable shower holder. Shoemaker and Mattare, April 10, 1990: US04914759 (87 worldwide citation)

An adjustable showerhead assembly is provided being composed of an elongated member having a slot therein through which a showerhead assembly passes. Locking means are provided for adjustably positioning the showerhead. Different embodiments of the device are shown.

Joseph Bekanich: Intravenous equipment support. Shoemaker and Mattare, February 16, 1988: US04725027 (87 worldwide citation)

A telescopically adjustable intravenous equipment support pole can be selectively carried on a wheeled base, a wheelchair, or other wheeled patient transport device. An intermediate pole section carries a lower end fitting which cammingly engages a spring-urged non-rotatable radial latch pin on the ...

Raymond John Herbert: Ink jet printing device. Neopost, Shoemaker and Mattare, February 22, 2000: US06027205 (85 worldwide citation)

An ink jet printing device is disclosed in which a bore providing a nozzle for the ejection of droplets of ink is closed by a pin to prevent ejection of ink. The pin is movable into a retracted position in which the pin is withdrawn from the bore to permit ejection of droplets of ink from an ink cha ...

John E Cooper, Alun Wilcox: Artificial foot. J E Hanger & Company, Shoemaker and Mattare, January 26, 1988: US04721510 (85 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic foot comprises a hollow elastomeric cosmesis having a relatively large internal space, a keel of relatively stiff or rigid material, and a stiffener of glass reinforced plastics fitted between keel and instep region of the cosmesis. Front and rear snubbers extend from keel and front and ...