Marc Feinberg, Michael Seitzinger: Cutting and coagulating forceps. Cabot Technology Corporation, Shoemaker and Mattare, October 17, 1995: US05458598 (428 worldwide citation)

A cutting and coagulating forceps includes a housing with a protruding barrel, a pair of electrocautery jaws which are closed by camming contact with the mouth of the barrel when the jaws are retracted, and an independently sliding blade which passes between the jaws. The jaws are opened by squeezin ...

Loubert Suddaby: Intervertebral disc prosthesis. Shoemaker and Mattare, May 28, 2002: US06395034 (277 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral disc is replaced with a construct including an expandable stent having convex heads and a hardenable material, such as a resin, which is injected into the intervertebral space around the stent and allowed to harden in situ.

Loubert Suddaby: Expandable variable angle intervertebral fusion implant. Shoemaker and Mattare, December 12, 2000: US06159244 (259 worldwide citation)

An expandable intervertebral fusion implant includes a pair of semi-cylindrical shells having mating surfaces which resist shifting when the parts are assembled. The shells have pillars provided with teeth which permit the shells to be ratcheted outward after they have been placed between spinal ele ...

Kenneth C Raines: Normally closed automatic reflux valve. Burron Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, August 4, 1987: US04683916 (245 worldwide citation)

A normally closed, one-way check valve having a body composed of two cylindrical containers which complement each other, each of said containers having a tubular projection with a liquid opening therethrough, one of said cylindrical chambers provided with a plurality of longitudinally extending ribs ...

Mathauser William R: Magnetic self-aligning quick-disconnect for a telephone or other communications equipment. Shoemaker and Mattare, April 30, 1974: US3808577 (204 worldwide citation)

A quick-disconnect, magnetic, self-aligning telephone jack or other communication equipment connection, including a male connector half and a female connector half, each with self-aligning magnetic means therein to hold the male and female halves together and cooperating electrical contact means in ...

Michael Collinson, Alan K Plyley, Russell J Redmond, Claude Vidal: Capless medical backcheck valve. B Braun Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, August 8, 1995: US05439451 (194 worldwide citation)

A medical backcheck valve includes a hollow housing containing an upwardly biased piston assembly for controlling liquid flow therethrough. The piston assembly comprises a substantially rigid plug having one end protruding from the upper end of the housing, and a flexible sheath covering having a re ...

Loubert Suddaby: Expandable intervertebral fusion implant and applicator. Shoemaker and Mattare, February 6, 2001: US06183517 (184 worldwide citation)

An expandable intervertebral fusion implant includes a pair of semi-cylindrical shells having mating surfaces which resist shifting when the parts are assembled. The cylinder thus formed is placed on a special installation tool, which is first used to place the cylinder in the intervertebral space. ...

Michael D Charman: Office screens and partitions. Vickers Public Company, Shoemaker and Mattare, December 30, 1986: US04631881 (171 worldwide citation)

An office partition is formed by interconnection at adjacent posts of screens each comprising a load-carrying frame of posts and rails. Cladding panels are demountably supported on each face of the frame at an outward clearance from the posts and rails. Each cladding panel has on its concealed face ...

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The wall panel includes a snap joint which permits hidden attachment of the wall panel to another wall panel. The joint permits the panel to be attached to building supports from inside or outside and permits easy attachment of liner panels, insulation, or the like. A projection on one panel abuts a ...

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The implantable catheter means comprises a capsula (10) having a pierceable top wall (15). A catheter (11) extending into a cavity (12) of said capsula (10) is fixed thereto by an elastomeric clamping member (30) arranged inside a connecting piece (22) which has an internal thread (23) engaged by an ...