Pieter Compaan: Interlocking panel sections. Intercontinental Truck Body Montana, Shlesinger Arkwright Garvey & Dinsmore, July 11, 1978: US04099358 (159 worldwide citation)

This disclosure is directed to an interlocking construction panel, which when interlocked with an identical panel, will present a smooth flat surface on one side, with a plurality of longitudinal integral channels projecting from the opposite side. The panel comprises: a planar wall of elongate rect ...

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A golf club having an adjustable and removable weight insert positioned in the club head. The insert includes a tubular sleeve which is fixedly positioned in a complemental bore in the club head, the weight insert being substantially perpendicular to the sole plate of the golf club. The weight inser ...

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An optical lens for differential correction comprising two transparent walls defining an enclosed space having therein a quantity of a transparent liquid with a predetermined optical index; the walls are so formed as to provide at the optical center a capillary space into which the liquid is aspirat ...

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A compact air filtering device for filtering room air in the home or work environment constructed of a minimum number of unitary structural elements is disclosed, the device having a fan for drawing air through the device encased in detachably interlocked upper and lower enclosure members, one filte ...

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The invention relates to a fabrication method for molding a contact lens with the required optical qualities.

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A cylindrical tube has a retractable specimen gathering piece at one end thereof connected to a reciprocable activating member which extends out of the other end of the tube, the tube having a cylindrical cover into which the specimen gathering end thereof is inserted, the cover containing informati ...

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Flexible packaging material suitable for making peelable form-fill-seal packages of the "pillow" type comprises a paper web which is coated with a normally non-tacky pressure- or heat-activatable adhesive and which is treated with a composition having release properties with respect to the adhesive, ...

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A rigid laryngoscope having a forwardly extending blade and an instrument supporting channel. The laryngoscope includes a viewing assembly and light source each connected to fiber optic bundles.

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An apparatus for the treatment of water which includes an elongated magnet having a multiplicity of longitudinally spaced poles enclosed in an inner casing of non-magnetic material, the latter being received within an outer casing of magnetic material and in radially spaced-apart relationship theret ...

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The invention relates to a paving machine, and more particularly to an extensible screed and auger assembly for use thereon. The paver, which is self-propelled, includes a frame, a tiltable hopper having a discharge opening, a generally vertical center strike-off assembly connected to the frame and ...