Kim Doreen Pierotti, Raja Rao Wusirika: Porous metal bodies. Corning Glass Works, SHEN ZHAONAN, December 14, 1988: CN88103047 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention is concerned with the production of hard, porous, sintered bodies consisting essentially of Al and Fe with, optionally, Sn and/or Cu and/or Cr. The mechanism of the invention relies upon the presence of a small amount of Mg and/or Ca to act as a getter for oxygen. In the preferred emb ...

Francesco Dalle Valle: Method of making pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid components and medical therefrom. Fidia, SHEN ZHAONAN, October 8, 1986: CN85102921

Two kinds of pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid components are obtained. The first one, which can be used for wound healing up, has a molecular weight of 50,000 to 100,000, while the second one 500,000 to 730,000, can be used as injection into eyeballs and joint cavities. Hyaluronic acid components can ...

Kenneth Chyung, Kishor Purushottam Gadkaree, Reid Franklin Cooper, Ronald Leroy Steward Mark Peter Taylor: Reinforcement of alkaline earth aluminosilicate glass-ceramics. Corning Glass Works, Usa, SHEN ZHAONAN, October 15, 1986: CN85108548

The present invention is directed to SiC whisker and/or fiber reinforced glass-ceramic matrix composite articles wherein an alkaline earth aluminosilicate constitutes the predominant crystal phase. More particularly the composite articles will consist essentially of 10-60% by weight SiC whiskers and ...

Peter David Holtshousen: Process for preparation of antibacterial unguent. Euroceltique, Luxembourg, SHEN ZHAONAN, June 24, 1987: CN85109101

An antibacterial unguent for local treatment contains an antibacterial agent and a substrate. The substrate consists of 20% to 50% (weight/weight ratio) of hydrocarbon and polyhydroxyl compounds. For the antibacterial agent, an iodine transfer agent, especially polyethylene pyrrolidone iodine (povid ...