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Silicone resins comprising 5 to 50 mole % of (PhSiO3-x)/2(OH)x) units and 50 to 95 mole % (HSiO(3-x)/2(OH)x), where Ph is a phenyl group, x has a value of 0, 1 or 2 and wherein the cured silicone resin has a critical surface free energy of 30 dynes/cm or higher. These resins are useful as etch stop ...

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This invention pertains to a silsesquioxane resin with improved lithographic properties (such as etch-resistance, transparency, resolution, sensitivity, focus latitude, line edge roughness, and adhesion) suitable as a photoresist; a method for in-corporating the fluorinated or non-fluorinated functi ...

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A composition comprising (A) at least one compound having at least one aliphatic unsaturation; (B) at least one organohydrogensilicon compound containing at least one silicon-bonded hydrogen atom per molecule and (C) a platinum group metal-containing catalyst.

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A silsesquioxane resin comprised of the units (Ph(CH2)rSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)m, (HSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)n′(MeSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)o′(RSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)p, (R1SiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)q where Ph is a phenyl group, Me is a methyl group; R′ is hydrogen atom or a hydrocarbon group having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms; R is selecte ...

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A thermally conductive grease includes (A) a polyorganosiloxane having a viscosity less than 50 cSt (mm2/s) at 25° C. and (B) a thermally conductive filler. The thermally conductive grease is useful as a thermal interface material for electronic devices.

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The attachment of an electrical component to an electrical termination on a component-carrying substrate by a solder bump technique of a thermally curable adhesive composition for encapsulating purposes is described which comprises a thermosetting polymer and a chemical cross-linking agent which has ...

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A release coating composition according to the present invention comprises an alkenyl functional polysiloxane (1), a silicon hydride functional polysiloxane (11) and a catalyst (111) comprising a platinum group metal. The alkenyl functional polysiloxane (1) is an alkenylterminated polysiloxane prepa ...

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A silicone adhesive composition used for adhering a device or a substance to a wet surface contains (i) a silicone resin that is cohydrolysis product of a trialkyl hydrolyzable silane and an alkyl silicate in which the cohydrolysis product contains a plurality of silicon-bonded hydroxy groups; (ii) ...

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A siloxane resin having the formula: (HSiO3/2)a(RSiO3/2)b(SiO4/2)c where R is Z, Z(CH2)n or ZO(CH2)n where Z is a phenyl or substituted phenyl group; n has a value of 1 to 6, a has value of 0.01 to 0.7, b has a value of 0.05 to 0.7, c has a value of 0.1 to 0.9 and a+b+c≈1. The siloxane resins are us ...

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Silsesquioxane resins useful in forming the antireflective coating having the formula (PhSiO(3-x)/2(OH)x)mHSiO(3-x)/2(OH)x)n(MeSiO(3-x)/2(OH)x)p(RSiO(3-x)/2(OH)x)q where Ph is a phenyl group, Me is a methyl group, R is selected from ester groups and polyether groups, x has a value of 0, 1 or 2; m ha ...