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A personal identification instrument is comprised of a substrate, and carried on the substrate: a photograph and/or a personal signature, personal information relating to the legitimate holder of the instrument, and an encrypted machine readable security code carried by the instrument, the code bein ...

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SYSTEM FOR DIGITAL TRANSMISSION AND DISPLAY OF TEXTS ON A TELEVISION SET SCREEN ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A system for digitally transmitting and displayingtexts on a television screen, wherein the transmitter stationbroadcasts, particularly in the form of data packs, data fromseveral channels, the ...

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A method of communicating data frames between nodes in a network comprised of one or more end system nodes where each end system node has a unidirectional ingress port and a unidirectional egress port. The method comprises transmitting a data frame from an egress port of one end system node to the i ...

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The invention relates to a device for managing battery packs from which it is powered by measuring and monitoring the operating capacity of individual battery modules in a battery pack. A programmable logic controller directs the selective closing of relays to allow individual battery modules to be ...

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A graphics display system for a computercomprising a display memory having a DRAM port and aserial port, a video controller including a hostgraphics controller having a bus port, a lookup tableand a digital-to-analog converter for receiving lookuptable data from the lookup table and converting it in ...

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An apparatus for executing a multiple step database lookup procedure, the apparatus including a plurality of processing units, at least two processing units being coupled to a memory containing a database to be looked up, and a plurality of data pipelines which couple the plurality of processing uni ...

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A storage track having channel for holding a pegboard on a wall surface. The storage track has upper and lower channels for receiving the edges of adjacent pegboard panels. Grooves are also provided to receive the ends of brackets such as those used to support shelves.

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A method of determining a connection between a data emitting device j having address IP(j) and a data receiving device i having address IP(i) via a routing device, wherein the routing device utilizes a management information database MIB, establishing a mask field in the MIB for all devices in a sub ...

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A method of imaging an object contained in a medium, having a specific impedance which is different from the specific impedance of the medium, comprising applying current to the medium at various locations at a surface of the medium, extracting current at other locations, detecting voltages produced ...

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A flat woven papermaker's forming fabric having a paper side layer and a machine side layer interconnected by pairs of machine side layer weft binder yarns. Each of the binder yarn pair members in sequence interlaces with a portion of the machine side layer warp yarns in segments of the weft ya ...