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Touchscreen control panel apparatus that highlights a control key to which the operator slides touch and actuates the associated control function upon touch release from the highlighted key. Highlighting is deleted from a key when operator slides touch therefrom without releasing touch. Parameter va ...

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A four color repetitive sequence matrix array for flat panel displays is formed by establishing a repetitive sequence with pixels of four different colors arranged in the rows of the matrix. The sequence commences with a different color in each row, thereby establishing a second repetitive sequence ...

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A dome antenna including a dome of solid dielectric material and scannable feed array positioned in the base plane thereof. The dielectric material of the dome constructed to provide a dielectric constant that varies with the perpendicular distance from the base plane. Rays emanating from the base p ...

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A variable ratio traction drive employing a set of geometrically skewed axis drive balls mounted in an input carrier and captured between a split outer ring. An alteration of the axis skew angle of the balls causes a turns ratio change in the traction drive.

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A ripple reducing circuit wherein ripple voltages across the output terminals of a voltage source are coupled through a ripple sensing circuit to an amplifier. The sensed ripple is amplified and phase reversed to provide signals in phase opposition to the ripple signals. These phase opposition signa ...

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A continuous, self-supporting microwave transmission line along which ultra short pulses of microwave signals may propagate over distances of several hundred feet with minimum pulse distortion and signal attenuation. Propagation along the line is accomplished by an electromagnetic field thereabout t ...

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The coupler includes a waist region formed by merging and fusing a plurality of optical fibers with the waist region encapsulated in photorefractive encapsulating material. The index of refraction of the encapsulating material is modulated by applying illumination thereto, so as to vary the coupler ...

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A magnetic isolation and pointing gimbal apparatus provides support functions and multidegree of freedom pointing capability and simultaneous six degree of freedom bi-directional disturbance isolation. This is accomplished by integrating the support, isolation and pointing functions within one conti ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring the level and dielectric constant of a liquid which includes a device for generating a subnanosecond baseband pulse that propagates through a transition device to a single wire transmission line that extends through an air filled region into the liquid. A discont ...

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An optical switch utilizes a birefringent device to cause orthogonally polarized components of an arbitrarily polarized incident light beam to propagate along separate paths. A polarization rotator is positioned in one path to rotate the polarization of the light beam propagating therealong to that ...