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A plaster frame has a breakaway zone which extends between a hole in the frame and a periphery of the frame. When the breakaway zone is removed, the frame may now be inserted through a hole in a ceiling which is approximately the same size as the hole in the plaster frame. An open bottom lighting ho ...

Thomas P Kadlic: Playing card dispenser. Vingt Et Un Corporation, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Panitch, March 22, 1983: US04377285 (97 worldwide citation)

A playing card dispenser comprising: (a) at least two compartments each appropriately sized to accommodate a stack of playing cards; (b) an exterior opening leading from each compartment and from which playing cards can be withdrawn one at a time; (c) a cover selectively placeable about any compartm ...

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An article handling apparatus including a generally vertical plate is disclosed for contacting and pushing articles along a generally horizontal surface. The plate is connected to a movable endless cable which is carried about the periphery of a pair of spaced wheels. A hollow dividing rail is suppo ...

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A bank of counters is clocked at a relatively high repetition frequency by a clock oscillator. Each counter separately produces a sequence of digital signals which are transmitted at the clock oscillator frequency by a latch and a decoder/driver associated with the counter to a numeric display also ...

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A re-entrant circulating stream mill vents a part of the circulating stream adjacent the annular peripheral wall of the mill directly to the junction in each of a plurality of sets of pressure nozzles and cooperating acceleration tubes which are used to form the circulating stream. Each pressure noz ...

Russell R Haines: Label for container having pharmaceutical product therein. PACO Packaging Incorporated, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Panitch, January 26, 1982: US04312523 (87 worldwide citation)

A label for attachment to a container having a pharmaceutical product therein is in the form of an elongated strip substantially longer than the circumference of the container to which it is adapted to be secured. The strip is delineated into at least three zones with the two end zones including ind ...

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A multiple inlet multiple outlet rotary plug valve includes a valve body having two sets of ports at different elevations. Each set of ports includes three ports one of which is an inlet. A cylindrical plug is disposed within a cylindrical bore of the valve body. The plug has a discrete passage for ...

Elmer T Bennett: Finger stick blood collection apparatus. Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Panitch, July 1, 1980: US04210156 (67 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for collection of a blood sample from a finger stick includes a collection vessel removably connected to a cap. The cap has a passage therethrough between a hollow adaptor connected to the cap and extending in an opposite direction from the vessel. The adaptor facilitates introducing blood ...

Raymond J Neely: Housing and module therefor. Refreshment Machinery Incorporated, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Panitch, July 15, 1980: US04212415 (61 worldwide citation)

A housing such as a dispensing canister is constructed of a plurality of modules removably interconnected together. The lowermost module has a screw for dispensing granular material and an agitator driven by the screw.

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Organic polysilanes may be produced in a simpler, safer and more economic manner by reacting an organohalosilicon hydride with lithium metal or lithium-alkali metal alloy. According to the reaction the silicon-silicon bonds of the organopolysilane are formed by the removal of halogen and hydrogen fr ...