Jerry L Malis, Leonard I Malis, Robert R Acorcey, David Solt: Bipolar cutter/coagulator. Jerry L Malis, Leonard I Malis, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, May 27, 1986: US04590934 (408 worldwide citation)

A bipolar cutter/coagulator produces a coagulating waveform comprising an aperiodic sequence of damped RF bursts. The inter-burst spacing is pseudo-random, and the intra-burst RF frequency is swept between preset limits. The burst envelopes are uniform, always starting at the same preselected amplit ...

Francis A L Esperance Jr: Eye surgical instrument. Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, September 28, 1976: US03982541 (195 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus are disclosed for surgically removing surface portions of an eye such as cataract tissue. The eye surface portions to be removed are vaporized by a carbon dioxide laser beam. Smoke and vaporized portions are withdrawn by a vacuum pump.

Nikolai Eberhardt: Automatic guided vehicle system. SI Handling Systems, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, March 28, 1989: US04817000 (167 worldwide citation)

Automatic guided vehicle system for guiding a driverless vehicle over a predetermined path of travel without any tracks, wires or the like. The vehicle is provided with an active optical navigation section for determining vehicle position and bearing by scanning plural beacons distributed within the ...

Gordon R Neufeld: Lung water computer system. University of Pennsylvania, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, February 11, 1986: US04569589 (154 worldwide citation)

A lung water computer system utilizing a single optical detection path. A single beam of visible (VIS) and infra-red (IR) radiation is chopped and filtered in at least two bandwidths centered on the absorption peaks of tracers such as indocyanine green (ICG) and deuterated water (DHO). The chopped, ...

William E Coville, Hyman Grossman, Michael Sokol: Analytical apparatus. Bio Data Corporation, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, September 22, 1987: US04695430 (153 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for automatically performing analytical testing of individual distinct samples of biological fluids wherein a test sample is reacted with test reagents and tested for a change in optical characteristics. A memory stores a plurality of different test protocols. An operator-actuated keybo ...

Harris H Egendorf: Counting computer software cartridge. Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, November 12, 1985: US04553252 (150 worldwide citation)

A cartridge housing contains a semi-conductor or memory for storing digital information which may be accessed by an external device for display on a screen. The cartridge includes a counting circuit for counting the number of times the cartridge is used and a display for exhibiting the count.

Al DiPietropolo: Flexible medullary reamer. Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, June 21, 1988: US04751922 (144 worldwide citation)

An improved flexible medullary reamer for shaping the medullary space of bones. The shaft is comprised of a single solid element. To permit the use of an elongated guide element, the shaft may be axially bored throughout its length. Attached to the shaft's opposite ends respectively, a cutting head ...

Sidney V Worth: Printed circuit board connector. C W, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Abbott, May 12, 1987: US04664458 (110 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector comprises an elongated insulator block having a plurality of transverse channels extending around the front, upper and lower sides thereof and at least partially around a rear side thereof. A plurality of electrically conductive resilient contacts are disposed in the channels ...

Lester Gilman: Breakaway plaster frame. Kidde Consumer Durables, Seidel Gonda Goldhammer & Panitch, June 22, 1982: US04336575 (109 worldwide citation)

A plaster frame has a breakaway zone which extends between a hole in the frame and a periphery of the frame. When the breakaway zone is removed, the frame may now be inserted through a hole in a ceiling which is approximately the same size as the hole in the plaster frame. An open bottom lighting ho ...

Francis J Bonner Jr: Catheter. Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, December 13, 1977: US04062363 (101 worldwide citation)

A catheter is provided, having a flexible elongated conduit adapted for insertion into a passage in the patient's body. The conduit has a forward insertion end and a rearward distal end, and has a handpiece which surrounds a portion of the conduit in the area of the insertion end. A sealing envelope ...