Mervyn D G Randall: Hearing protectors. Racal Safety, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, February 25, 1986: US04572323 (114 worldwide citation)

A hearing protecting device comprises a shell defining a hollow enclosure, which may be provided with sound absorbing material, with an open mouth, which is, in use, placed over the ear. A resiliently deformable seal of sound absorbing material is provided along the periphery of the open mouth to se ...

Richard K O Connor: Breathing apparatus. Racal Safety, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, May 27, 1986: US04590951 (103 worldwide citation)

A power assisted respirator comprises a facepiece for covering at least the nose and mouth of the wearer which has an outlet provided with a one-way exhale valve which is openable to permit air to flow out of the facepiece when a predetermined pressure P is established within the facepiece. A pump u ...

James A Lacey: Rotating and hinged knee prosthesis. Wright Manufacturing Company, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, April 21, 1981: US04262368 (73 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis for replacement of the human knee joint, having separate femoral and tibial components which after implantation are freely relatively rotatable about a proximal-distal axis and are hingedly connected about a transverse axis posterior of the axis of rotational movement.

Heinz W Baum: Disc brake pad assemblies. Lucas, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, September 22, 1981: US04290508 (55 worldwide citation)

A friction pad assembly comprises a backing plate having friction material secured thereto, and an anti-rattle spring having a bent portion intermediate its ends, the bent portion seating in a recess in the backing plate. To avoid problems caused by heat when the spring is held in place in the reces ...

Carl Meyer, Hans G Madzgalla: Friction pad assemblies for use in disc brakes. Lucas, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, July 9, 1985: US04527669 (52 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses a friction pad assembly for use in a disc brake. The friction pad assembly has a pad anti-rattle spring having a coiled region intermediate its ends, the coils of said coiled region being axially spaced apart from each other and engaging in a slot in the backing plate, t ...

Kathleen G Connelly: Convertible shoe. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, May 29, 1984: US04450633 (50 worldwide citation)

A convertible shoe having a sole and releasable upper strap portions. Anchoring means attached to the sole edge cooperate with ring means at the ends of the strap portions to releasable secure the upper and sole portions.

Julio Taleisnik: Endoprosthetic wrist joint. Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, April 7, 1981: US04259752 (46 worldwide citation)

This disclosure is of a surgically implantable prosthesis which is particularly intended for use as a replacement for a dysfunctional wrist joint.

James T London: Endoprosthetic joint device. Wright Manufacturing Company, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, November 24, 1981: US04301552 (44 worldwide citation)

The preferred endoprosthetic joint herein described is an elbow prosthesis of hingeless form comprising (1) a humeral component having an internal fixation surface means, and an external sellar-shaped, bearing surface and (2) an ulnar component having an internal sellar-shaped bearing surface comple ...

Reginald O Faust: Exercise bench safety device. Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, February 10, 1981: US04249726 (43 worldwide citation)

A safety device for use in conjunction with bench press exercises is disclosed wherein a pair of arms controllable by the exerciser may be elevated into engagement with a bar bell to raise it clear of the exerciser before it can seriously injure him should he be unable, due to fatigue, to raise the ...

Roy S Collins: Studded footwear. Triman, Scrivener Clarke Scrivener and Johnson, May 13, 1986: US04587748 (41 worldwide citation)

An insert for an article of footwear is made as a unitary moulding of a flexible plastics material. It comprises a plurality of internally screw-threaded sockets, for receiving externally screw-threaded spigots on ground-engaging studs, and a support interconnecting the sockets. The support may be o ...