Farrell Newton, Gareth Williams: User identification and authentication system using ultra long identification keys and ultra large databases of identification keys for secure remote terminal access to a host computer. Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell, June 23, 1998: US05771291 (236 worldwide citation)

A method of providing user identification and authentication using ultra long identification key codes and/or ultra large databases of identification key codes in a manner providing secure access to a remote computer terminal to a database or server transaction program stored on a host computer.

Milton J Merl: Gravity feed shelving system with track and pusher. Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell, November 7, 2000: US06142317 (176 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the display and storage of package products in a store environment for access by consumers is adapted for use in conjunction with conventional display gondolas having uprights for shelf mounting. The apparatus includes a gravity feed unit for positioning on a shelf behind an array o ...

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A personal alarm monitor system provides for the recording of a record of locations of a person as the person travels through a designated premises having a series of designated areas interconnected by portals or gateways, such as doorways. The person carries a receiver capable of receiving broadcas ...

Frank Abramopoulos, Jennifer Spano: Progressive gaming method. Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell, December 2, 2003: US06656052 (159 worldwide citation)

A method of increasing gaming activity and entertainment value of games with progressive jackpots including posting or publishing information items sufficient to determine a current expected progressive return of a progressive game, the information items being located on, or adjacent a location of, ...

Maik Moebus: Panel with slip-on profile. Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell, March 4, 2008: US07337588 (110 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a panel (1) with connecting means (3, 4, 7, 9) which make a positive connection with a further panel (2) possible. A panel (1) comprises as connecting means laterally a groove (3) formed by two rigid flanks. One of the two rigid flanks (6) is longer than the other one. The l ...

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A product pusher device comprising an elongated guide track and a pusher sled slidably guided along the track for urging product packages forwardly on a display shelf. The pusher sled incorporates a housing for containing a coiled strip spring element. The end extremity of the spring is anchored at ...

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An adjustable width product display system which includes spaced-apart front and back display supports formed of an engineering plastic material, suitable for food freezer environments. Formed wire side elements, provided with transversely extending mounting portions, are slideably received in trans ...

Ryoichi Tsune: Circular saw cutting machine. Tsune Seiki, Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell, November 2, 1999: US05974927 (78 worldwide citation)

A circular saw having a cutting position for cutting a workpiece at a predetermined location thereof, a gripper for gripping a workpiece at a predetermined location on the workpiece, a drive having a plurality of gears including final and penultimate stage gears, and a backlash eliminator for brakin ...

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The invention relates to a transport and/or collection device of molded plastics material including an electronic identity device such as a transponder, the identity device being integrated in a wall of the transport and/or collection device while the wall is being molded. The identity device is hou ...

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A pull strip actuated pusher assembly for up-front merchandise display, wherein a frictionally restrained pusher sled is actuated by a manually operated pull strip element slideably guided in an elongated base member. The pull strip is confined in a longitudinal groove in the base member, and restri ...