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A method and apparatus for the identification and verification of audio transmission segments, such as may be broadcast by a radio station, consists of the generation of a data stream corresponding in duration to the length of the program segment and including both cumulative time data and segment i ...

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A method of providing user identification and authentication using ultra long identification key codes and/or ultra large databases of identification key codes in a manner providing secure access to a remote computer terminal to a database or server transaction program stored on a host computer.

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An apparatus for the display and storage of package products in a store environment for access by consumers is adapted for use in conjunction with conventional display gondolas having uprights for shelf mounting. The apparatus includes a gravity feed unit for positioning on a shelf behind an array o ...

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A personal alarm monitor system provides for the recording of a record of locations of a person as the person travels through a designated premises having a series of designated areas interconnected by portals or gateways, such as doorways. The person carries a receiver capable of receiving broadcas ...

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A method of increasing gaming activity and entertainment value of games with progressive jackpots including posting or publishing information items sufficient to determine a current expected progressive return of a progressive game, the information items being located on, or adjacent a location of, ...

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In a stud and socket combination for studded footwear, a moulded plastics socket (1) provides a threaded axial hole (5) bounded by an inner ring (9). A co-axial outer ring (10) is radially separated from the inner ring to leave an annular space (11). A plastics stud moulding (19) comprises an extern ...

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A method and system for allowing protected mode device drivers and resident programs to load and execute from an MS/PC-DOS environment. A further method enabling such protected mode programs in an Intel x86 environment to transition between host environments is provided. In a preferred embodiment, a ...

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The invention relates to a panel (1) with connecting means (3, 4, 7, 9) which make a positive connection with a further panel (2) possible. A panel (1) comprises as connecting means laterally a groove (3) formed by two rigid flanks. One of the two rigid flanks (6) is longer than the other one. The l ...

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A system and procedure is disclosed for evaluating published bid line data of commercial airlines and developing therefrom an ordered set of bid lines arranged according to the degree to which such bid lines tend to satisfy individually expressed preferences and priorities of an airline employee. A ...