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A utility meter reading and communications system gathers data from utility meters and sends that data to a utility company's central data collection point (host computer) via phone lines. The system places a call on the user's telephone line at a specified time and date and transmits data using dua ...

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A method is provided for forming films comprising Fe, Ru or Os employing the techniques of chemical vapor deposition to decompose a vapor comprising an organometallic compound of the formula (a): (CO).sub.4 ML or (b): M.sub.2 [.mu.-.eta.:.eta..sup.4 -C.sub.4 ](CO).sub.6 ; wherein L is a two-electron ...

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In time-resolved contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography, a measure quantifying image quality provides a basis for generating a linear filtered composite image by facilitating selection of a mask and an arterial phase image for subtraction. Filtering of individual pixels of a temporal serie ...

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A method is provided for inserting a path instruction during compilation of computer programs for a processor having multiple functional resources. A path instruction is inserted in the order of object code instruction during the reordering of the instructions in response to a simulation of the run- ...

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A puller is provided with a number of advantages. Pullers are described that have a high power to weight ratio, and a high power to volume ratio. Examples of pullers and pulling systems include harmonic drive gear reduction elements and configurations that provide high cable friction in a small devi ...

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A method for making an integrated circuit chip carrier having reduced and regulable interlead capacitance and reduced glass chip formation. The chip carrier includes a substrate having a central cavity for locating an integrated circuit die, an inner channel and an outer channel, adhesive glass loca ...

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The present invention relates to a guide-through assembly (4) for a filling level sensor working according to the principle of delay measurement of guided electromagnetic waves or for a capacitive filling level sensor, which for sealing the interior of the vessel against the interior of the sensor h ...

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Battery clamp including a nut molded into one of the clamping arms and a rotatable bolt with a flanged shaft molded into the other clamping arm. The head of the bolt, flange, and nut provide bearing surfaces for drawing the clamping arms together, or forcing the clamping arms apart, depending upon t ...

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The invention relates to method for detecting and modulating the expression and activity of REX-1. As described herein, REX-1 is expressed in certain cancer cells, including cancer stem cells. The invention also provides methods for detecting and/or treating cancer.

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A particulate matter detector formed in an insulated device such as a spark plug. The insulated device has a center electrode having a first end and a second end. The first end of the center electrode passes through the insulated device and may be connected to a terminal. The second end of the elect ...