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A medical electrode uniquely adapted for use as an endocardial electrode. An electrical conductor is encased in a material which is generally inert to body fluids and terminates at an exposed electrically conductive tip. A plurality of pliant tines extend from the electrode adjacent the tip and form ...

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A system for evaluation of a cardiac stimulator connected to a patient, the system having means for detecting and differentiating between stimulation pulses and cardiac response pulses, means for determining rate of stimulation pulses and whether such rate falls within a predetermined calibration, a ...

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A transcutaneous stimulator for stimulating portions of the body. The output of the stimulator is a stimulating pulse having frequency components falling within predetermined frequency band limits so as to optimally excite touch nerve fibres relative to nociceptor or pain receptor nerve fibres.

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A body implantable stimulator having two output channels. Pulses from an external pulse generator are transmitted alternately on different carrier frequencies. An implantable receiver, including a frequency detector, separates the frequencies and applies each to a different output channel. The frequ ...

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The apparatus detects contraction of muscles of living animals, the contraction causing an elastomer body whose impedance changes when flexed, positioned adjacent muscle to flex when the contraction occurs. When a bias voltage is applied to the elastomer body, any change in impedance is readily dete ...

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A flexible, body-implantable lead section which can be employed as an integral part of a monoplanar electrode system or alternatively as a separate means used to convert bipolar electrode system to a monopolar system. The lead section has at least one electrical conductor. The conductor is covered s ...

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Pulse generating apparatus which provides electrical heart-stimulating pulses only in the absence of normal heart activity. If the patient's heart has developed a life threatening arrhythmic condition the inventive apparatus automatically applies an electrical shock to the heart having sufficient ma ...

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A cardiac pacer having adjustable rate and/or pulse width controls controlled by digital means including a first counter for receiving information and storing the data, a second counter connected to clock means, and logic means for comparing the outputs of the first and second counters to determine ...

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A time shared stimulator which employs a single pulse generator to provide non-simultaneous independently controllable multiple outputs. A train of pulses in which the power level of successive pulses may be controlled is produced from the pulse generator output. Switching circuitry connects the pul ...

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A device for electrically inducing the cutting of a workpiece with a wire electrode. The workpiece and electrode are moved relative to each other such that the electrode follows a predetermined path on the workpiece. The electrode is inclined and orbits about a vertical line in response to changes i ...