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An apparatus for improving the visibility of objects within the visual field of a vehicle driver and a process therefor are disclosed. The apparatus includes a light caster casting intense visible light toward a reflective object at a frequency no lower than critical fusion frequency, an image picku ...

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A non-contact sensing system for monitoring the position and orientation of a rigid body in space having at least three distinct point light sources mounted on the rigid body. At least two position sensor heads are fixedly mounted within detection range of light from the light sources, each position ...

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To accurately shade headlamp light for both a leading vehicle running on the same lane and an opposed vehicle running on an opposed lane, the headlight apparatus for an automotive vehicle comprises a movable headlamp, a light sensor attached on the pivotal headlamp for detecting presence of a leadin ...

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In an electronic endoscope apparatus, comprising: there are provided an electronic scope having an image sensor at a distal end thereof and an angle operation portion adjacent to the image sensor; a scope unit coupled with the electronic scope, including an endoscopic operation switch mechanically c ...

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A semiconductor backing storage device is connected to a computer system accessible only in magnetic disc access mode for improvement in access time. In transferring information data between the computers and the semiconductor backing storage device, access control command signals peculiar to magnet ...

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The Computer Integrated Manufacturing System includes a plurality of levels of computer control which organize and disseminate the information for controlling shop floor level systems. Both scheduling data and data relating to process, product, and material specifications as well as bills of materia ...

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The light reflectivity control for use with an automotive rearview mirror according to the present invention has a first and second photosensors to detect the brightness of the surroundings including the front of a car in which the inside rearview mirror is equipped and that of the surroundings incl ...

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Disclosed are a block-graft copolymer comprising a polymer block having a repeating unit represented by General Formula (I): ##STR1## wherein A is a side chain and represents an organopolisiloxane chain, a polyacrylate chain, a polymethacrylate chain, polydiene chain, etc.

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A sunflower seed is disclosed which has both a high oleic acid content and a low linoleic acid content. Also disclosed is a sunflower seed which has a white or gray seed coat and which contains approximately 80% or greater by weight of olkeic acid. Also described are novel sunflowers for producing t ...

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A filter element comprises at least two pleated filtering mediums and at least one roughly flat filtering medium interposed between the pleated filtering mediums. Each pleated filtering medium has an end constituted by edges of triangular bottom sections and the other end constituted by edges of tri ...