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A body implantable stimulator having an output capacitance. Provision is made to increase the charge rate of the capacitance for a predetermined period following an output stimulation signal.

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Hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide, is prepared in high yield from streptococcus bacteria by fermenting the bacteria under anaerobic conditions in a CO.sub.2 -enriched growth medium, separating the bacteria from the resulting broth and isolating the hyaluronic acid from the remaining constituents of ...

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An implant device for peritoneal dialysis which permits a flexible catheter to be removed and replaced without invasive surgery. The catheter is passed through a substantially rigid tubular percutaneous device and a flexible sleeve member which together form a continuous conduit from the body exteri ...

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An implantable device for providing communication between interior structures of the body and the exterior of the body, the device comprising a rigid tubular member of biologically compatible material including a transcutaneous stem portion defining a stem cavity therein and a plurality of subcutane ...

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An improved medical electrode particularly adaptable to tape-like configurations for use in sensing and stimulation applications in which the electrode is applied to the skin. An essential electrode component comprises a mixture of a polymerized form of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid or o ...

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A system for inducing a desired functional contraction in muscle tissue while conditioning the contractile properties of that tissue for the desired functional contraction. Pacing stimulation signals are generated having parameters established by a desired functional contraction of particular muscle ...

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A seed coating machine comprising an upper mixing drum wherein a liquid adhesive coating is applied to seed and where the rate of application is regulated by a valve controlled by the seed feeder. Coated seed is dried to a state of tackiness and passed to a second, lower mixing drum. A variety of po ...

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An implantable blood access device has a matte titanium finish on the exterior subcutaneous surfaces thereof providing sites for tissue ingrowth. A preferred finish is a coating of porous titanium which may be manufactured by fusing titanium powder to the device.

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A dialyzer reuse machine comprising means for passing a series of liquid and gaseous fluids through the dialysate and blood compartments of the dialyzer at different flow rates according to a predetermined sequence for cleaning and disinfecting the dialyzer and means for accurately measuring the vol ...

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A body stimulation system including external components for generating and transmitting programming signals and implantable components including a signal generator with at least one alterable operating characteristic, a stimulation signal delivering system and circuit responsive to receive programmi ...