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An improved telemetry transmission system for transmitting electrocardiographic information, indications of the occurrence of the pacing pulse and for transmitting digitally encoded information from an implanted pacemaker, an implanted drug dispensing device, or other implanted device, to a remote r ...

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The disclosure is directed to an elongated and tapered, bulb-like hollow housing which is constructed and arranged to fit in the outer ear of the wearer having a plurality of openings formed therein circumferentially disposed to define rib portions which are substantially parallel to the longitudina ...

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A tape electrode usable for the transmission of electrical signals into the human body through the skin. The electrode is flexible in construction so that it may be applied to the skin to secure good electrical contact therewith and remain in place for extended periods despite movement, perspiration ...

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A composition and method of using same is disclosed for the permanent sterilization of female subjects without the need for expensive surgery or highly skilled personnel. The composition comprises a gel-forming carrier substance which sets-up on introduction into the fallopian tubes and holds in pla ...

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Non-fibrosing implantable lead apparatus for muscle stimulation, such as cardiac stimulation, comprising an electrode formed from a non-thrombogenic conductive material, a conductor, a conductor encapsulating structure formed from a non-thrombogenic insulating material and a lodging structure for ho ...

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An airborne dust monitor. Photosensitive elements detect a predetermined airborne dust level at a test region adjacent the photosensitive elements. The photosensitive elements are housed within a flue which shields the test region from ambient light while it conducts ambient air through the test reg ...

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An improved pipe coupling formed of telescopic parts in which a sealing member is positioned therebetween and is carried by one of the parts in a recessed shoulder portion remote from the flow passage therethrough to prevent wear and introduction of sealing material into the flow passage.

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This invention relates to electrical key-like devices, to electrical receptacles for use in combination therewith and to electronic circuitry systems, such as computers and other operating circuits, that interface with the key-like devices through the receptacle. The keys contain a microelectronic c ...

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A sealed lay-in electrical conduit duct which is oil-tight and is comprised of U-shaped sealing collars which telescope into adjacent ends of aligned open ended sheet metal duct sections which are troughs generally U-shaped in cross-section and have their open sides unobstructed throughout their len ...

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A game device or apparatus of the electronic type where the concept of the game is to find a hidden and random number generated automatically by the electronic apparatus. The game includes a keyboard entry unit by means of which players may select a number in search of the hidden random number and t ...