D Greg Anderson: Method and implant for expanding a spinal canal. D Greg Anderson, Saul Ewing, March 19, 2002: US06358254 (174 worldwide citation)

The present invention expands a spinal canal by making two pedicle cuts (osteotomies) in a vertebra, separating each vertebral cut by inserting an implant into the cut which expands the spinal canal, and securing each separated vertebral cut allowing the vertebra to heal with the spinal canal expand ...

David Lawrence Levett, Robert Ian Mills, Yih Chyun Jin: Presentation service which enables client device to run a network based application. Integra SP, Saul Ewing, December 1, 2009: US07627658 (115 worldwide citation)

A presentation server which enables a client device to run a network based application by sending structured data from one or more data sources to software on the client device. The presentation server decouples the client device from the data source by (i) insulating the data source from needing to ...

David Lanc: Secure authentication and payment system. Payfont, Saul Ewing, April 16, 2013: US08423466 (67 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a service for allowing secure financial transactions to be carried out, the service involving authenticating a user's identity and/or status as part of a financial transaction with another party and in the event that the user is authenticated arranging for the transact ...


Peter Hyung Kyun Ahn: Patient positioning system and methods for diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy. Pyronia Medical Technologies, Saul Ewing, August 23, 2011: US08002465 (54 worldwide citation)

The system provides new ways to ensure that a patient is positioned correctly, e.g. identically with an original planning scan if the patient is to undergo radiotherapy. The system also detects if there is patient movement during a scan. It is an aspect of the present method to immobilize the patien ...

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A method and apparatus for facilitating the creation of e-commerce Web pages that include Featured Product areas. The invention includes a spreadsheet or similar user-friendly data entry mechanism which can be used to enter content pertaining to featured products. The content is imported from the sp ...

Eric P Haeker: Method and apparatus for generating visual images based on musical compositions. Theodore Naccarella, Saul Ewing, September 15, 2009: US07589727 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention generates 3D moving images representing various aspects of a musical performance that can be synchronized, as necessary, to the changing tempo of a live or recorded performance, either automatically, or with live-controlled user input, and either with or without a score.

Armin Schwerdtner: Multi-user autostereoscopic display with position tracking. SeeReal Technologies, Saul Ewing, November 11, 2008: US07450188 (32 worldwide citation)

An autostereoscopic multi-user display comprising a sweet-spot unit which is directionally controlled by a tracking and image control device (160), wherein an illumination matrix (120) is provided with separately activatable illuminating elements (11 . . . 56), in addition to an imaging device used ...

Stephen B Maguire, Paul S Maguire: Gravimetric blender with operatively coupled bar code reader. Charles N Quinn, Saul Ewing, February 13, 2001: US06188936 (30 worldwide citation)

A method for weight blending of granular materials comprises at a remote site generating a command for desired operation of granular material weight blending apparatus; encoding said command into transportable time-stable machine readable tangible storage media; transporting said media to a bar code ...

Armin Schwerdtner, Alexander Schwerdtner, Bo Kroll: Autostereoscopic multi-user display. SeeReal Technologies, Saul Ewing, September 16, 2008: US07425069 (28 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an autostereoscopic multi-user display comprising a focussing element and a selectable display for the time-sequential representation of 2D and/or 3D images. When viewed in the direction of the observer, said display contains a sweet-spot unit and an image matrix, which func ...