Guerry E Green: Screen cover retainer strip assembly. Marhaygue, Sara Centioni Kanos, Nexsen Pruet, November 15, 2011: US08056602 (15 worldwide citation)

A retainer strip assembly for securing screening and screen covering and the like to a framing member comprises a base strip, cover strip and cap strip fastened to the framing member, the cap strip covering the base strip and holding in place the screening and screen covering, and the cover strip co ...

Guerry E Green, Robert T Hokum Jr: Framing system for mounting flexible sheets. Marhaygue, Sara Centioni Kanos, Nexsen Pruet, May 5, 2009: US07526902 (4 worldwide citation)

A framing system for mounting flexible sheets of material, such as screening in an opening in a wall or porch includes U-shaped channels, or lineals, having at least one external built-in groove for receiving a spline strip for holding an edge of the sheet in place in the groove. Four lineals define ...




Cliff Birch: Drapery carrying method and apparatus. Rowley Company, Sara Centioni Kanos, Nexsen Pruet, August 1, 2017: US09717362

A drapery hanging apparatus, method and system including a plurality of carriers, each carrier having a support portion and a pendant for carrying draperies. The carriers are retained by a flexible strip of indefinite length so that the carriers can be fed into a hanger track in a single step.

Dennis R Bannister: Skin treatment. Nexsen Pruet, Sara Centioni Kanos, March 22, 2011: US07910118

A solution for the treatment of human feet. The solution includes an amount of each of the following components: 1) magnesium sulfate, 2) water, 3) methylparaben, 4) isopropyl alcohol, 5) methyl salicylate, and 6) malic acid. In combination, these components form an aqueous solution, which can be us ...


Nancy K Evans: Catheter bag device. Sara Centioni Kanos, Nexsen Pruet, December 10, 2013: US08603055

A catheter bag having an apron made of opaque material. The apron can be part of the catheter bag at one end and can be detachably secured to the bag at an opposing end using means for attaching.

Samir Sofer: Immune and oxygen system measuring and drug screening method and apparatus. Sara Centioni Kanos, Nexsen Pruet, November 7, 2017: US09811635

Method and apparatus for monitoring health as related to immune system function, and for measuring the effects of toxins and other stresses. A method for pre-screening drugs for the pharmaceutical pipeline. A method for using an Immunogram as a research tool. A method for preparing compounds or drug ...