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An artificial intervertebral disc comprises a pair of end bodies which are provided, on their outer surfaces, with apatite layers. The disc includes a medical synthetic polymeric intermediate which is held between the end bodies through connecting members.

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A vertebral connecting plate assembly includes a vertebral connecting plate which is provided, on its opposite ends, with vertebra connecting portions to be connected to associated vertebral members or bodies. The vertebra connecting portions have threaded holes, and the set screws of the present in ...

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The head of a golf club, preferably of the "wood" type, wherein the orthogonal reference passing through the center of gravity of the club head and formed by three axes about which the inertia is maximum, is such that the first two axes are located in a plane inclined with respect to the plane of th ...

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The invention concerns a golf ball constituted of a three part structure, constituted of an elastomer core, an intermediate layer, and a thermoplastic envelope. The intermediate layer is made of a thermoplastic material containing at least 10%, and preferably at least 35% of ether block copolymer. T ...

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A golf club head, and a process of manufacturing a golf club head, in which the golf club head includes a body having an interior space, a cover plate for attachment to the body, the cover plate having a surface forming a golf ball striking surface, and a quantity of material within at least a porti ...

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A sheathed endoscope having a flexible insert tube in the form of an elongated cylinder and a distal end portion with a viewing window which is coupled to the distal end of the insert tube. The endoscope includes: a flexible guide tube inserted in the insert tube so as to extend over the entire leng ...

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A golf club head including an outside lower portion intended to rest on the ground, constituting the sole, a substantially plane front portion constituting the impact surface, and a rear portion constituting the body, wherein the club head includes an internal cavity limited at least partially by th ...

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A sustained release tablet adapted to provide an initial immediate release of an active agent, a period of no release of the active agent, followed by a substantially constant, rate of release of the active agent. The tablet includes (a) a compressed tablet core containing an active agent, an insolu ...

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The present invention is directed to a dynamic range enhancing system for increasing the dynamic range of a transmission link, and also to a process for increasing the dynamic range of a transmission link. An instruction setting process is also provided for defining a set of instructions, for a cont ...

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A quadrature surface coil array comprising a plurality of single loop surface coils interspersed with a plurality of adjacent double loop surface coils, at least some of said surface coils overlapping the ends of adjacent surface coils and said double loop surface coils having the two loops in serie ...