David C Nemir: Fault interrupter with interchangeable line load connections. Jeffrey D Myers, Samantha A Updegraff, Peacock Myers P C, November 6, 2007: US07292419 (28 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for making fault interrupter receptacles tolerant to miswiring errors. By employing redundant sense elements plus a special switch configuration, the device obtains a symmetry that makes it unnecessary to designate specific line and load terminals. The addition of open neutra ...

Richard M Feezel, Gerard A Gagliano: Enterprise security system. Gerard A Gagliano, Jeffrey D Myers, Samantha A Updegraff, Peacock Myers P C, August 31, 2010: US07788700 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a platform of software which is a single, customizable, complete distributed computing security solution designed to be integrated into an enterprise computing environment. Digital Network Authentication (DNA) is the centerpiece of the system of the present invention. It is ...

Kenzo Kase: Body adhesive tape. Kinesio IP, Samantha A Updegraff, Deborah A Peacock, Peacock Myers P C, March 8, 2011: US07902420 (24 worldwide citation)

A body adhesive tape comprising a stretch base material and an adhesive layer with grooves.

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An improved knee probe for probing electrical devices and circuits is provided. The improved knee probe has a reduced thickness section to alter the mechanical behavior of the probe when contact is made. The reduced thickness section of the probe makes it easier to deflect the probe vertically when ...

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Method and apparatus using a retention arrangement for probes used for electrical testing of a device under test (DUT). The apparatus has a number of probes each of which has a connect end for applying a test signal, a retaining portion, at least one arm portion and a contact tip for making an elect ...

January Kister: Low profile probe having improved mechanical scrub and reduced contact inductance. MicroProbe, Samantha A Updegraff, Peacock Myers P C, January 19, 2010: US07649367 (19 worldwide citation)

A vertically folded probe is provided that can provide improved scrub performance in cases where the probe height is limited. More specifically, such a probe includes a base and a tip, and an arm extending from the base to the tip as a single continuous member. The probe arm is vertically folded, su ...

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An apparatus and method for monitoring oxygen concentrations in fuel tank ullage comprising providing a sensor head comprising an optical cavity, exposing the optical cavity to an ambient gaseous environment of a fuel tank or air separation module, via a laser light source emitting wavelength modula ...

January Kister: Vertical guided probe array providing sideways scrub motion. MicroProbe, Deborah A Peacock, Samantha A Updegraff, Robert Lodenkamper, March 2, 2010: US07671610 (16 worldwide citation)

Improved probing of closely spaced contact pads is provided by an array of guided vertical probes that has a sideways scrub relative to the line of contact pads. With this orientation of scrub motion, the probes can be relatively thin along the contact line, and relatively thick perpendicular to the ...

Leona King: Hair accessory to achieve a fuller ponytail. Janeen Vilven, Samantha A Updegraff, Peacock Myers P C, June 21, 2011: US07963289 (16 worldwide citation)

A hair accessory made to increase the body and fullness of a ponytail or pig tails. The hair accessory includes a hinged pair of first and second portions movable between an open position and a closed position, each portion having a hinged end and an opposite end, inward facing teeth, and at least o ...

January Kister: Probe bonding method having improved control of bonding material. MicroProbe, Deborah A Peacock, Samantha A Updegraff, Peacock Myers P C, July 31, 2012: US08230593 (14 worldwide citation)

In assembly of probe arrays for electrical test, a problem can arise where a bonding agent undesirably wicks between probes. According to embodiments of the invention, this wicking problem is alleviated by disposing an anti-wicking agent on a surface of the probe assembly such that wicking of the bo ...