Peter H McQuilkin, Marcus Filshie: Suture apparatus. Femcare, Salter Michaelson & Benson, June 15, 1993: US05219359 (319 worldwide citation)

An elongate length of suture is passed through holes in a first small plate (pledget) and holes in a second small plate (pledget), the suture being then tied to retain the two small plates relative to each other and to retain in use tissue between the two small plates (pledgets).

Peter H McQuilkin: Applicator. Femcare, Salter & Michaelson, August 22, 1989: US04858608 (229 worldwide citation)

The applicator is designed for easy assembly the joint being visible to the operator to ensure correct assembly and is provided with means for limiting movement of the operating head to prevent accidental over closure of a sterilization clip during entry.

Charles A Bogosian Jr: System for verifying use of a credit/identification card including recording of physical attributes of unauthorized users. Wizards, Salter & Michaelson, April 30, 1996: US05513272 (225 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for verifying an authorized user of a credit/identification card. The method includes the steps of scanning the card with an apparatus having a plurality of scanning devices for scanning a bar code, scanning the card for evidence of tamperi ...

Julian Garth Ellis: Textile surgical implants. Bridport Gundry, Salter & Michaelson, November 23, 1999: US05990378 (202 worldwide citation)

A textile surgical implant includes a base cloth, and an array of fibers provided on the base cloth. The base cloth is removable from the fibers before or after the location of the implant in a patient. A method of making a textile surgical implant is further disclosed. The method includes the step ...

Ronald D Russo: Gastrostomy feeding port. Sandoz Nutrition Corporation, Salter & Michaelson, July 31, 1990: US04944732 (185 worldwide citation)

A gastrostomy feeding port includes a deformable, conical tip portion having at least one side aperture therethrough, a tube portion which extends rearwardly from the tip portion, a fitting portion on the rear end of the tube portion, a removable valve portion in the fitting portion and a flange por ...

Ronald D Russo: Device for draining wounds. Superior Plastic Products, Salter & Michaelson, March 4, 1986: US04573965 (182 worldwide citation)

A device for draining wounds comprises an elongated catheter member having first and second lumens, an antibacteria filter received in communication with the second lumen adjacent the proximal end thereof and a check valve which is interposed between the proximal end of said second lumen and the fil ...

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A surgical wire and a method for the use thereof for interconnecting adjacent portions of bone structures are disclosed. The wire is preferably made of a flexible and malleable corrosion-resistant metal, such as a surgical grade of stainless steel, and it includes a main portion, a tapered portion w ...

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A ureteroscope for carrying out surgical procedures in the lower ureter area under direct visual control. The ureteroscope includes a sheath having a main portion which is dimensioned to be received in the urethra so that it extends into the urinary bladder, a tapered portion which extends from the ...

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A ball grid array socket assembly consists of a socket body having a plurality of vias extending through the socket body between upper and lower surfaces thereof, a plurality of electrically conductive contact assemblies respectively disposed in corresponding vias, and a releasable cover assembly. E ...

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An implantable infusion port for dispensing medication in the body of a patient comprises a septum which is preferably integrally molded from a nontoxic, rubberized material and has an interior cavity formed therein for receiving medication in the septum, and a catheter element which extends from th ...