Robert C Ladner, Robert E Bird, Karl Hardman: Single polypeptide chain binding molecules. Genex Corporation, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, August 7, 1990: US04946778 (1568 worldwide citation)

The invention pertains to a single polypeptide chain binding molecule which has binding specificity and affinity substantially similar to the binding specificity and affinity of the light and heavy chain aggregate variable region of an antibody, to genetic sequences coding therefor, and to recombina ...

Vladimir Puskaric, Lori Carrigan: Hybrid corn plant and seed. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, March 15, 1988: US04731499 (677 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, there is provided a hybrid corn plant, designated 3790, produced by crossing two Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. proprietary inbred lines of corn. This invention thus relates to the hybrid seed 3790, the hybrid plant produced from the seed, variants, mutants, and modi ...

James F Gusella: Test for Huntingtons disease. The General Hospital Corporation, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, May 19, 1987: US04666828 (261 worldwide citation)

A method for detecting the presence of the gene for Huntington's disease in a subject which comprises analyzing the human chromosome 4 of the subject for a DNA polymorphism, preferably a restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), linked to Huntington's Disease.

Robert C Ladner: Computer based system and method for determining and displaying possible chemical structures for converting double- or multiple-chain polypeptides to single-chain polypeptides. Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, November 3, 1987: US04704692 (231 worldwide citation)

A computer based system and method determines, and displays possible chemical structures for converting two naturally aggregated but chemically separated polypeptide chains into a single polypeptide chain which will fold into a three dimensional structure very similar to the original structure made ...

Maurits L de Prins: Computer controlled rental and sale system and method for a supermarket and the like. Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, September 12, 1989: US04866661 (205 worldwide citation)

A system and method for alloying a customer to purchase or rent items from a locked cabinet without the intervention of store personnel. The authorized customer first inputs a membership card and a secret number. If these are correct, the system unlocks the locked cabinets, and the customer is allow ...

Jack R Wands, Vincent R Zurawski Jr, Schoemaker Hubert J P: Immunoassay utilizing monoclonal high affinity IgM antibodies. General Hospital Corporation, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, November 7, 1989: US04879219 (190 worldwide citation)

Hybridomally produced monoclonal IgM antibodies having high affinity are useful for the immunoassay and purification of viral antigens.

Juan A Diaz: Shoe with energy control system. Reebok International, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, March 28, 1989: US04815221 (186 worldwide citation)

A shoe has a sole with an energy control system for shock absorption and for propulsion of the wearer. The energy control system includes a spring system and an overlying energy absorbing member located in a cavity in the midsole. The spring system includes a spring plate with a plurality of curved, ...

Thomas A Milheiser: Identification system. Identification Devices, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, March 8, 1988: US04730188 (179 worldwide citation)

A passive integrated transponder (PIT) is attached to or embedded in an item to be identified. It is excited via an inductive coupling from an interrogator. The PIT responds to the interrogator via the inductive coupling with a signal constituting a stream of data unique to the identified item. The ...

Kap S Kim, William R H Tisdale, Bruce S Andrews, T Randolph Nash, Kathleen J Kolodgie, Steven S Eiserike: All digital IDMA dynamic channel allocated satellite communications system and method. American Satellite Company, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, November 25, 1986: US04625308 (173 worldwide citation)

An all digital TDMA dynamic channel allocated satellite communications system and method provides a satellite communications network between geographically separated nodes. The topology of the network is controlled by an on-line master node in accordance with user demands and operator commands recei ...

Richard D Skeirik: Process control system with reconfigurable expert rules and control modules. Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, April 9, 1991: US05006992 (161 worldwide citation)

An integrated system for process control in which a process supervisor procedure (which is preferably the top-level procedure) is configured as a modular software structure, with modules which can be revised by a user at any time, without significantly interrupting the operation of the process super ...

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