Robert H Wollenberg, Frank Plavac, Timothy R Erdman: Modified succinimides. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, R C Gaffney, G F Swiss, September 16, 1986: US04612132 (128 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are additives which are useful as dispersants in lubricating oils, gasolines, marine crankcase oils and hydraulic oils. In particular, disclosed are polyamino alkenyl or alkyl succinimides which contain carbamate functionalities.

Stacey I Zones: Zeolite SSZ-13 and its method of preparation. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, W K Turner, V J Cavalieri, October 1, 1985: US04544538 (120 worldwide citation)

A crystalline zeolite, SSZ-13, is prepared from organic nitrogen-containing cations derived from 1-adamantamine, 3-quinuclidinol, and 2-exo-aminonorbornane,

Robert A Lewis, Lewis R Honnen: Fuel compositions of poly(oxyalkylene) aminocarbamate. Chevron Research Company, D A Newell, S R LaPaglia, March 4, 1980: US04191537 (107 worldwide citation)

Fuel compositions for internal combustion engines are provided which contain deposit control additives which maintain cleanliness of intake systems without contributing to combustion chamber deposits. The additives are poly(oxyalkylene) aminocarbamates comprising a hydrocarbyl-terminated poly(oxyalk ...

Waldeen C Buss, Leslie A Field, Richard C Robinson: Hydrocarbon conversion process. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, W K Turner, E A Schaal, June 26, 1984: US04456527 (102 worldwide citation)

A hydrocarbon conversion process is disclosed having a very high selectivity for dehydrocyclization. In one aspect of this process, a hydrocarbon feed is subjected to hydrotreating, then the hydrocarbon feed is passed through a sulfur removal system which reduces the sulfur concentration of the hydr ...

Richard L Ferm: Heat exchanger antifoulant. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, J M Whitney, J J DeYoung, November 5, 1985: US04551226 (85 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a process for reducing the fouling in a heat exchanger in which a hydrocarbon stream is heated or cooled as it passes through the heat exchanger. From 1 to 500 parts per million of an organic hydroxylamine is added to the stream to reduce fouling.

Gerald R Pastor, Janet F Peters, Wayne K Larsen, Al C Iakovakis: Distillative processing of CO.sub.2 and hydrocarbons for enhanced oil recovery. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, E J Keeling, V A Norviel, June 28, 1988: US04753666 (80 worldwide citation)

A method of treating CO.sub.2 rich gas for injection into a petroleum reservoir is described. CO.sub.2 rich gas containing methane, nitrogen, ethane, propane, butanes, and heavier components is distilled such that substantially all of the heavier components are produced as a bottoms product and subs ...

Robert E Thompson, Gordon Gould, Charles I Soodak: Armored cable containing a hermetically sealed tube incorporating an optical fiber. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, E J Keeling, A Stephen Zavell, June 11, 1985: US04522464 (73 worldwide citation)

An armored cable containing a hermetically sealed tube incorporating an optical fiber is described. The armored optical cable exhibits minimal inelastic elongation in response to tension at elevated temperatures and is capable of withstanding harsh ambient conditions.

Lee F Donaghey: Resistive hydrocarbon leak detector. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, E J Keeling, E A Schaal, December 30, 1986: US04631952 (72 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for sensing organic liquids, vapors and gases which includes a resistivity sensor means comprising an intimate admixture of conductive particles and a material capable of swelling the presence of the liquid, gas or vapor to be detected and an electrical contact thereto.

Jaime Lopez, Eugene A Pasek: Process for preparing heavy oil hydroprocessing slurry catalyst. Chevron Research Company, S R LaPaglia, T G DeJonghe, O T Dickinson, December 1, 1987: US04710486 (70 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of a dispersed Group VIB metal sulfide hydrocarbon oil hydroprocessing catalyst comprising reacting aqueous ammonia and a Group VIB metal compound, such as molybdenum oxide or tungsten oxide, to form a water soluble oxygen-containing compound such as aqueous ammonium mo ...

John M King, Louis deVries: Process of preparing molybdenum complexes, the complexes so-produced and lubricants containing same. Chevron Research Company, D A Newell, S R LaPaglia, V J Cavalieri, April 21, 1981: US04263152 (67 worldwide citation)

Antioxidant additives for lubricating oil are prepared by combining water, an acidic molybdenum compound, a basic nitrogen compound complex and a sulfur source to form a sulfur- and molybdenum-containing composition.