Rowe Arthur W, Marshall Edward T: Method of joining the ends of two conduits together in a sterile manner. Union Carbide Corporation, Ryan M W, October 7, 1975: US3909910 (14 worldwide citation)

A sterile connector for the end of a conduit employed in the passage of blood or of blood components which comprises a resilient, deformable gasket disposed about the terminal end of a conduit, a continuous, removable yieldable flexible strip material, a portion of which is removably adhered to said ...

Nausedas Joseph A: Product stuffing apparatus. Union Carbide Corporation, Ryan M W, June 24, 1975: US3890675 (6 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for stuffing product into a flexible casing comprising a stuffing horn having at its discharge end an internal tapered portion. Movably mounted in the bore of the horn is a product stoppering and severing device mating with the internal taper.

Faust Clifford C: Expandable holder apparatus for flattening and freezing fluid-containing flexible pouches. Union Carbide Corporation, Ryan M W, August 5, 1975: US3898023 (5 worldwide citation)

Flat parallel plates are assembled onto a flexible pouch slack filled with fluid. The plates are lockably held but free to move expandably to a limited extent while maintaining interplate planar parallelism. The assembled plates holding the pouch are inserted into a plate retaining holder which bear ...