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Systems and related methods treat snoring and other sleep related disorders by stabilizing the position of a tongue in an oral cavity. The systems and methods employ an operative element sized and configured to be fitted to less mobile tissue in the oral cavity. The operative element is further cons ...

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Systems and methods manipulate a support structure to form a composite lesion in a tissue region at or near a sphincter. The support structure carries an array of electrodes attachable to a source of energy capable of heating tissue when transmitted by the electrodes. The systems and methods advance ...

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A method and apparatus for producing disposable undergarments having areas of defined elastic material is disclosed. The method provides for staggered cutting knives for severing the elastic material, which results in less necessary material used in the construction of the undergarments.

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Implants or systems of implants and methods apply a selected force vector or a selected combination of force vectors within or across the left atrium, which allow mitral valve leaflets to better coapt. The implants or systems of implants and methods make possible rapid deployment, facile endovascula ...

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Systems and methods employ functional instruments to close incisions and wounds using a suture knot in combination with a biocompatible material composition. The systems and methods are well suited for use, for example, at a vascular puncture site following a vascular access procedure.

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A modular bicycle comprising a first section having a front frame section and a first tire, a second section being couplable to the first section and comprising a central frame, and a third section being couplable to the second section and the first section, with the third section comprising a rear ...