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Expandable assemblies for treating a tissue region at or near a sphincter comprises a support basket formed from an array of spines. A mechanism flexes the spines to expand and collapse the basket. Electrodes carried by the spines for advancement in a path to penetrate the tissue region upon expansi ...

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Systems and methods treat fractured or diseased bone by deploying more than a single therapeutic tool into the bone. In one arrangement, the systems and methods deploy an expandable body in association with a bone cement nozzle into the bone, such that both occupy the bone interior at the same time. ...

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Method and apparatus for automatically setting a variable upper rate limit for the pacing pulse signal provided by a rate adaptive implantable pacemaker which relies on a non-physiological sensor to determine the pacing needs of the patient. A physiological parameter of the patient's condition is se ...

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A natural cheese having at least 210 milligrams of calcium per 28 grams of said natural cheese. The calcium enriched natural cheese comprising: a calcium material suspended in a natural cheese by dispersing the calcium material generally throughout a cheese milk and processing the cheese milk into a ...