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L-nucleosides are conformationally constrained by at least one additional ring formed by a bridge connecting at least two atoms within a sugar moiety of the nucleoside. While a single additional ring is formed by bridging C

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A multi-lumen catheter comprising a loop-like structure at the distal portion of the catheter is disclosed herein. In one variation, the loop-tip catheter comprises a dual lumen catheter and a loop-like structure at the distal end of the catheter. The loop-like structure includes at least one lumen, ...

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A mediator molecule is immobilized on the surface of a metallic or ceramic implant material. An anchor molecule such as a dialdehyde having a functional group that covalently binds the mediator molecule is covalently bound to the surface, and the mediator molecule is coupled to the functional group ...


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An electronic message is analyzed for malware contained in the message. Text of an electronic message may be analyzed to detect and process malware content in the electronic message itself. The present technology may analyze an electronic message and attachments to electronic messages to detect a un ...

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Systems and methods for malware containment on connection is provided. In exemplary embodiments, digital devices are quarantined for a predetermined period of time upon connection to the communication network. When a digital device is quarantined, all network data transmitted by the digital device i ...

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Techniques for detecting malicious content using simulated user interactions are described herein. In one embodiment, a monitoring module monitors activities of a malicious content suspect executed within a sandboxed operating environment. In response to detection of a predetermined event triggered ...

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Conformationally restricted 2′, 4′—bridged nucleoside analogues are described herein. The compounds can be prepared by cyclization at C2′ and C4′ of nucleosides through a linker or linking molecule. These novel nucleosides have a desired, locked sugar pucker and are potentially useful as pharmaceuti ...

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A valved sheath introducer for venous cannulation, including a valve, sheath, handle and cap. The valve is configured to permit safe introduction and removal of medical instruments through the sheath introducer. The valve may have one or more anchoring members and a thickened central portion through ...

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A method for manufacturing a structural part by a multi-layer deposition technique, in particular a part in the form of a casting mold or a casting core, a porous first layer of bulk particulate material consisting of particles of a predetermined particle size being deposited to form a layer of a pr ...