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A pressure swing adsorption process for the separation of impurities such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide and recovery of hydrocarbons from a natural gas stream utilizes two separate adsorption systems, the first containing an adsorbent selective for nitrogen, carbon dioxide or both and the second co ...

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A composition for controlling NOx emissions during FCC processes comprises (i) an acidic oxide support, (ii) cerium oxide, (iii) a lanthanide oxide other than ceria such as praseodymium oxide, and (iv), optionally, an oxide of a metal from Groups Ib and IIb such as copper, silver and zinc.

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A coarse particle kaolin clay is provided having an average Stokes equivalent particle diameter of about 4.5-6.0 microns, a BET surface area of about 8-11 m.sup.2 /g, and preferably having a median Malvern particle size of about 9.0-10.5 microns as determined by laser light-scattering measurement an ...


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A method and apparatus for treating the atmosphere comprising moving a vehicle through the atmosphere, the vehicle having at least one atmosphere contacting surface and a pollutant treating composition located on said surface. A specific embodiment comprises coating a motor vehicle radiator with pol ...