Samsoondar James: Calibrator material for instruments which measure interferents in serum and plasma specimens. Samsoondar James, RUDOLPH John R, December 18, 1997: WO/1997/047972 (1 worldwide citation)

A quality control material is disclosed which is used to monitor the calibration or used for recalibration of instruments used to screen for interferents in serum or plasma specimens. In particular, the quality control material disclosed is used to monitor instrument calibrations or used for recalib ...

Agrawal Babita, Longenecker Bryan Michael: Telomerase-specific cancer vaccine. Biomira, Agrawal Babita, Longenecker Bryan Michael, RUDOLPH John R, October 19, 2000: WO/2000/061766

Telomerase-specific T-cell antigens are provided, which are useful in generating T-cell responses against telomerase. Formulations of telomerase antigens as vaccines are useful in treating and preventing cancer, using in vivo or ex vivo techniques.

Camara Octavio M: Window structure. Camara Octavio M, RUDOLPH John R, December 21, 1995: WO/1995/034739

In window units comprising a window sash or frame (5) and a moveable sash (15) carrying panes of glass (16', 16'') thereon, the sash being adapted for movement to an open and a closed position relative to the frame. There is a collapsible screen means, preferably of sheet plastic, either translucent ...

Pawluczyk Romuald, Yang Wei, Hockley Bernard S: Integrating cavity for spectroscopic measurement in light scattering samples. Cme Telemetrix, Pawluczyk Romuald, Yang Wei, Hockley Bernard S, RUDOLPH John R, July 3, 1997: WO/1997/023159

The present invention is for use in the spectroscopic field as applied to the measurement of concentrations of substances of interest in a variety of samples of uniform and non-uniform shape and composition including biological tisues and fluid samples. It incorporates the use of an integrating cavi ...

Rabinovitch Marlene: Treating pulmonary hypertension through tenascin suppression and elastase inhibition. Rabinovitch Marlene, RUDOLPH John R, September 2, 1999: WO/1999/043308

A method for treating pulmonary hypertension is described comprising administering an elastase inhibitor to a patient. Inhibition of elastase suppresses tenascin, which leads to a reduction of the smooth muscle cell proliferation associated with pulmonary hypertension. More specifically, the tenasci ...

Woloski Barry Michael Ronald: Method for the prevention and treatment of a type i hypersensitivity disorder. Cangene Corporation, Woloski Barry Michael Ronald, RUDOLPH John R, August 19, 1999: WO/1999/040939

Administration of Rh antibodies to an animal is effective for reducing the intensity, duration or frequency of asthmatic exacerbations, and of other type-I hypersensitivity disorders. Compositions thereof are claimed and so are their uses to prevent such disorders. Treatment with Rh antibodies in sa ...

Oloke Julius Kola, Glick Bernard Robert: A new, pigment-producing, strain of $i(bacillus thuringiensis). University Of Waterloo, Oloke Julius Kola, Glick Bernard Robert, RUDOLPH John R, November 6, 1997: WO/1997/041235

The present disclosure describes an isolated and purified strain of $i(Bacillus thuringiensis), referred to as $i(Bacillus thuringiensis) subsp. $i(oloke) that naturally produces a salmon/red-coloured pigment with physical and chemical properties that are consistent with it being a form of melanin. ...

Samsoondar James: Method and apparatus for measurement of blood substitutes. Cme Telemetrix, Samsoondar James, RUDOLPH John R, September 11, 1998: WO/1998/039634

A method is disclosed whereby the concentration of a blood substitute, such as cross-linked hemoglobin, in a serum or plasma specimen is rapidly and accurately identified and quantified. The method further takes the measured concentration of the blood substitute and uses it to correct for its effect ...

Samsoondar James, Given Douglas George: Method and apparatus for screening plasma for interferents in plasma from donor blood bags. Cme Telemetrix, Samsoondar James, Given Douglas George, RUDOLPH John R, September 11, 1998: WO/1998/038961

An apparatus and a method whereby plasma integrity of plasma contained in a blood bag is rapidly and accurately assessed without compromising the sterility of the plasma, or destroying any of its components. This is achieved through spectral data which is used in a novel way so as to determine if a ...