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A method used by a digital computer in controlling execution of an object-oriented program to effect a defined action, e.g., stopping the program, when a specified virtual function is invoked on a specified object during execution of the program. A breakpoint address is determined at run time, advan ...

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A parameter communication arrangement where a parameter that is transmitted over a channel using m-bit codewords or labels is quantized before transmission as one of only p levels, where, significantly, p

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An improved call forwarding arrangement where forwarded calls receive different terminating treatment from non-forwarded calls, for example providing a readily detectable, distinctive alerting signal for forwarded calls or completing only forwarded calls to a station and denying or forwarding other ...

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A call announcement arrangement that obtains the calling party name from a database search and uses a text-to-speech unit to generate speech signals for transmission to the called communication station. The calling party name is spoken at the station instead of being displayed. For a conventional an ...

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A method of assuring that each of a plurality of contemporaneously active database transactions comprising at least one read transaction and at most one update transaction has a consistent view of a database storing a plurality of versions of a relation. A transaction has a consistent view of a data ...

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A call forwarding method that allows the called party to selectively forward individual alerting calls based, for example, on the calling party identity or on how busy the called party is at any given time, but without requiring the called party to first answer the calls. The called party can effect ...

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A communication station capable of transmitting audible speech represented by speech signals received on the line during the on-hook state. A calling party name may be spoken at the station without requiring the call to be answered. The station is also usable, while on-hook, for receiving voice mess ...

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A harmonic speech coding arrangement where vector quantization is used to improve speech quality. Parameters are determined at the analyzer of an illustrative coding arrangement to model the magnitude and phase spectra of the input speech. A first codebook of vectors is searched for a vector that cl ...

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A packet network test arrangement where a test packet is transmitted from a test source to a test destination via successive nodes of the packet network. Any node that fails to receive acknowledgement within a predetermined time of transmitting the test packet to a subsequent node responds by transm ...

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A fault recovery method for a distributed processing system where a message called a heartbeat is broadcast among the processors once during each major processing cycle. The heartbeat message indicates the physical and logical identity of the transmitting processor with respect to the system arrange ...