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A focal plane array for millimeter wave imaging comprising a three dimensional stack of antenna elements and radiometer microwave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs) embedded in polymer dielectric layers built on top of a silicon substrate. Each radiometer MMIC and antenna element comprise a radi ...

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A photonically sampled analog-to-digital converter using parallel channels of sampling and quantizing. The parallel combination achieves cancellation of the spurs that result from the nonlinear transfer function of the samplers. The samplers feed a dual-detector optoelectronic receiver that has diff ...

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The present invention provides an algorithm for partitioning a portion of a load between a FSOW link and a RF link in order to maintain a FSOW link. By having the ability to adjust the load between a FSOW and RF wireless link during inclement weather, the ability to maintain the FSOW link is signifi ...

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A communication system for digital communications comprising a transmitter which transmits digital data bits by direct on-off keying of a carrier to producing a burst and a receiver which receives the burst and recovers the digital data transmitted by the burst.