Richard S Adler, Paul F Morris, Karl D Kirk, John Milich, Gerard M Perichon: Lock adjustable to operate with different keys. Richard S Adler, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, July 5, 1994: US05325690 (47 worldwide citation)

A lock which is rekeyable or programmable to operate with a different key from the exterior thereof without disassembling it or removing it from a lock assembly in which it is assembled is disclosed. The lock may be rekeyed through the keyway so that the lock appears from the exterior thereof to be ...

Thomas P Moran, Elin R Pederson, Michael K McCall, Frank G Halasz: Time-space object containment for graphical user interface. Xerox Corporation, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, April 4, 1995: US05404439 (47 worldwide citation)

A computer-controlled graphics display system providing improved means for selecting objects for joint action. The invention helps the user of a graphical user interface more easily select a group of objects that are meaningfully related to each other. Objects are usually created serially in time by ...

Nobutoshi Ogami, Masaru Kitagawa: Surface treatment apparatus. Dainippon Screen MFG, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, September 15, 1987: US04693211 (46 worldwide citation)

A surface treatment apparatus is composed of a supporting die for holding a substrate thereon to heat or cool the substrate; a cover capable of advancing close to the supporting die or into point-to-point contact with the supporting die to define a treatment space over the entire upper surface of th ...

Barry N Roberts: Beach blanket with sand pockets. Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, April 7, 1987: US04654906 (45 worldwide citation)

A beach blanket having rectangular shape and four corners has a right triangular pocket at each corner to receive and temporarily hold a quantity of sand for anchoring the blanket, the pockets being closable to secure the sand therein and openable for discharge of the sand.

Richard Holden: Combinatorial keyboards which encode characters and a space. Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, April 7, 1987: US04655621 (44 worldwide citation)

A keyboard for a typewriter or a computer comprises two groups of keys for operation by the digits of the two hands of an operator. Each group has five home keys, and also some non-home keys, arranged in continuous rows. A decoder is provided for decoding the operation of the keys so that operation ...

John F Brazier, Alan H Young, John E Viney, Gordon W Sutton: Fluid fuel fired burner. Tauranca, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, November 24, 1987: US04708638 (44 worldwide citation)

The flame temperature of a fluid fuel fired burner (10) is reduced by mixing flue gas (35) with the combustion air supply (34) before introduction of the fuel and combustion take place. The NOX produced by the process of combustion is thereby reduced. The flue gas (35) may also be induced from the f ...

David P Bour, Thomas L Paoli: Monolithic, multiple wavelength, dual polarization laser diode arrays. Xerox Corporation, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, November 7, 1995: US05465263 (44 worldwide citation)

Structures and fabrication methods for achieving multiple wavelength, dual polarization laser diode arrays using single or multiple quantum well (QW) active regions that are able to support either TE-or TM-mode operation are described. Multiple wavelengths are obtained from either separate active re ...

Ju H Yoon: Text mode color selection system. Goldstar, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, August 13, 1991: US05039983 (44 worldwide citation)

A text mode color selection system for a monitor which permits the selection of the color tone of the text mode voluntarily in accordance with the preference of a user also the color tone can be changed to another one when a user feels dissatisfied at a color of text mode comprised of a video memory ...

David W Treat, David P Bour, Thomas L Paoli: Multi-beam, orthogonally-polarized emitting monolithic quantum well lasers. Xerox Corporation, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, May 2, 1995: US05412678 (43 worldwide citation)

A QW diode laser generating orthogonally polarized multiple beams. The device incorporates quantum well active regions capable of, transitions to heavy hole and light hole band edges. The heavy hole transition provides TE-mode gain, while the light hole band provides mostly TM-mode gain. By controll ...

Michael J Padula, Henry G Matthews: Digitizer stylus with pressure transducer. Summagraphics Corporation, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, November 22, 1988: US04786764 (43 worldwide citation)

A stylus switch is activated automatically when the tip of the stylus is pressed against a digitizer tablet with sufficient force. The pressure switch includes a transducer in the form of an ink layer having electrical resistance which varies as a function of the pressure applied thereon. Electrodes ...