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This invention provides a method of administering an arachidonic acid metabolite, such as prostaglandin E1, to an animal. The metabolite is given to the animal, typically a human, in association with a unilamellar liposome comprising a lipid and a release-inhibiting aqueous buffer. This method can b ...

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Disclosed are methods of inactivating pyrogen producing organisms and pyrogenic substances in immobilized solid matrices which are used in the production and/or purification of biomedical and pharmaceutical products and materials by contacting the solid matrices with pyrogen inactivating solutions.

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Compounds of the formula: useful as inhibitors of PDE4 in the treatment of diseases regulated by the activation and degranulation of eosinophils.

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Described herein are methods of preparing liposome-containing pharmaceutical compositions, the liposomes containing headgroup-derivatized lipids and etherlipids having the formula: ##STR1## Such compositions are useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including various cancers and inflam ...

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An unliganded form of Staphylococcus aureus NAD synthetase (S. aureus NadE) has been crystallized, and the three-dimensional x-ray crystal structure has been solved to 2.3 Å resolution. The x-ray crystal structure is useful for solving the structure of other molecules or molecular complexes, and des ...

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For use in a lipid-dependent diagnostic assay, a stable aqueous suspension of a phospholipid which normally has a hexagonal (H

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DNA sequences comprising all or part of the ADH4 gene promoter of K. lactis or a derivative of the latter, and having transcriptional promoter activity. The invention also concerns the use of said sequences for the expression of recombined genes.

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The present invention relates to the development of bone growth factors as therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of pathological conditions involving bone tissue. The present invention provides biologically active proteinaceous factors comprising polypeptides containing the amino acid sequen ...

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Novel imidazole compounds, including derivatives thereof, to intermediates for their preparation, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them and to their medicinal use are described. The compounds of the present invention are potent inhibitors of transforming growth factor (“TGF”)-β• signaling p ...

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A method of improving the therapeutic activity of von Willebrand Factor obtained from materials comprising said Factor comprising incubating said Factor at a temperature of about 20.degree. C. to about 55.degree. C. for about 1 to about 30 hours.