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An extended release pharmaceutical formulation adapted to approach zero order release of drug over a 12 to at least 24 hour period, comprised of a mixture of 0 to aobut 50% of an immediate release particle containing a drug, inert substrate and binder, coated with talc and up to 100% of an extended ...

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An call distribution system is provided for distributing calls and information relating to the calls to different stations serviced by telephones and computers. The call distribution system comprises one or more telephone lines (52, 300), with or without a PBX (50) or an ACD, a first telephony inter ...

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A blow-molded plastic container having a body comprising a neck portion, a generally cylindrical sidewall portion and a bottom structure. The bottom structure comprises a central portion, a plurality of ribs extending downwardly from the bottle sidewall to the central portion, and a plurality of fee ...

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A method of cementing oil well casings and a cementing tool used when performing the method are provided. A novel top cementing plug functions in a conventional manner during proper oil well casing cementing operations, but if inserted into the oil well casing in error, allows cement to be pumped th ...

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The invention is directed to a carbonated beverage dispenser and to a method of dispensing carbonated beverage. The dispenser comprises a canister having a side wall, a bottom wall and an open end with a removable lid for closing the open end during operation. A dispensing tube having a puncturing e ...

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A metal porcelain dental restoration for filling an edentulous region is provided. The dental restoration comprises a first layer of a thin metal foil which closely fits the contours of the two abutment teeth on either side of the edentulous region, a layer of ceramic on the first metal foil layer, ...

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A container suitable for holding paint incorporating a first open receptacle having integrated therein a paint distribution board for use with a paint roller and a second open receptacle suitable both for holding a paint brush and to serve as a means for pouring liquid from the container. A lid suit ...

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A controlled-release organic nitrate formulation for once-per-day oral administration is provided by spheres having a core which includes an organic nitrate, and a membrane surrounding the core composed of a pharmaceutically acceptable, film forming polymer. The film forming polymer is effective to ...

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A method of treating lead contaminated soil to reduce the amount of mobile lead contained in the soil, the method which comprises: (a) providing an agent selected from the group consisting of inorganic phosphate compounds, inorganic phosphite compounds and mixtures thereof; and (b) contacting the ag ...

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In a fingerprint matching system, a finger platen formed of an optical element having a tacky reading surface for providing an accurate and consistent image of a fingerprint pattern.