Kenneth J Schilling: Fabric conditioning compositions. The Procter & Gamble Company, Ronald L Hemingway, Richard C Witte, November 18, 1980: US04234627 (118 worldwide citation)

Fabric conditioning compositions suitable for effectively imparting fabric conditioning agents to fabrics during the home laundering operation via friable microcapsules containing such agents. A method for delivery of the agents is also provided.

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Disclosed is an ultra mild skin cleansing composition comprising: mild synthetic surfactants, moisturizers, polymeric skin feel and mildness aids and selected levels of soap. An ultra mild skin cleansing bar is provided which is clinically milder on the skin than water.

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Mild thickened liquid shampoo compositions with conditioning properties comprise anionic surfactants, specific zwitterionic and amphoteric surfactants, polyethoxylated nonionic surfactants and a cationic cellulose ether thickening and conditioning agent.

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Oral compositions such as toothpastes, mouthwashes and the like containing a particular substantive bis-biguanide compound which inhibits the formation of plaque and caries, an a specific amino carboxylate compound which inhibits the tendency of the bis-biguanide compound to produce a stain on oral ...

Francis Oswald Agricola, William Watson Briner, Robert James Granger, James Stone Widder: Oral compositions for calculus retardation. The Procter & Gamble Company, Ronald L Hemingway, Robert B Aylor, George W Allen, May 25, 1976: US03959458 (91 worldwide citation)

Oral compositions, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and the like, containing certain anticalculus agents, and a specific anticaries agent which provides anticaries benefits while avoiding adverse effects on silicate filling materials present in the mouth.

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Improved peroxyacid bleaching particles comprising an inner core of a solid peroxyacid compound and as a coating a surfactant compound. Methods of making and using such particles and compositions containing such particles are also described.

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Plastic shortening and other food compositions which comprise an edible oil and a fatty acid ester of sucrose wherein the fatty acid groups consist essentially of short chain fatty acid radicals containing from 2 to 10 carbon atoms and long chain fatty acid radicals containing from 20 to 24 carbon a ...

William Law Hartman: Abrasive scouring compositions. The Procter & Gamble Company, Ronald L Hemingway, Douglas C Mohl, Richard C Witte, September 27, 1977: US04051056 (81 worldwide citation)

Abrasive, hard surface cleanser compositions containing a surfactant, a particular type of expanded perlite material and a filler material which can be inorganic salt, water or mixtures thereof. Such compositions, whether liquid or granular, provide excellent stain and soil removal from hard surface ...

Royal D Collins: Skin cleansing compositions containing alkaline earth metal carbonates as skin feel agents. The Procter & Gamble Company, Richard C Witte, Ronald L Hemingway, December 10, 1985: US04557853 (81 worldwide citation)

Skin cleansing compositions comprising a soap or synthetic detergent and finely divided alkaline earth metal carbonates. The alkaline earth metal carbonates produce frictional forces on the wet rinsed skin which users associate with a feeling of cleanliness.

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Detergent compositions containing N-(1,2 propanediol) fatty acid amide surfactants of the general type RC(0)NR.sup.1 CH.sub.2 CHOHCH.sub.2 OH, especially where R.sup.1 is methyl or hydroxyethyl, are useful surfactants in laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, shampoos, bar soaps, and hard surface ...