Jerome M Shapiro: Data compression system including successive approximation quantizer. General Electric Company, Joseph S Tripoli, Eric P Herrmann, Ronald H Kurdy, June 14, 1994: US05321776 (197 worldwide citation)

A data processing system augments compression of non-zero values of significant coefficients by coding entries of a significance map independently of coding the values of significant non-zero coefficients. A dedicated symbol represents a zerotree structure encompassing a related association of insig ...

James E Carnes, Robert H Dawson, Walter F Kosonocky: Comb filter employing a charge transfer device with plural mutually proportioned signal charge inputs. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, William H Meagher, Ronald H Kurdy, August 12, 1980: US04217605 (4 worldwide citation)

A comb filter comprising a charge transfer device (CTD) structure for separating frequency interleaved luminance and chrominance components of a composite color television signal directly within the CTD structure. The CTD structure has first and second pairs of input sections of substantially identi ...

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